19. März 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Nearby is the Kingdom of Heaven, nearby is the
reality in God, and the day, which changes 
everything, is close.


Why does it have the greatest significance that you 
turn again toward your own perfection and the redemption 
of all issues? It is, so that the process of planetary and 
societal transformation can be continued rapidly. Those 
human Beings, who create the new world within self, 
before it becomes visible on the outer, create the 
energy for the change.

Self-Healing highest Priority
And this means at the very first to destroy the old 
world within self and to tear it down. And the old 
world is defined by: patterns, opinions, imaginations, 
programming, implants, assumptions, belief patterns, 
karmic entanglements and multi-layered blockages in 
the essence of a human Being.
With every blockage, which has been redeemed from 
the essence of a human Being, healing energy flows 
to earth and the process of change is outfitted and 
enriched with this energy. 

Self-healing means to create transformation energy 
and this energy flows directly to the planet and heals 
Mother Earth. This is the point in these days. Instead, 
that you direct your attention to the outer, more than 
ever, it is necessary to enter the path of courageous
self-reflection. Never before in the process of this 
change has the self-redemption been more important 
and more necessary than today, because only thereby 
the decisive spark flies, whereby “the event” is ignited.  

Therefore it is necessary today to direct the Light toward 
all inappropriate bindings and connections, and to redeem
them with the blue Light of truth and clarity. You must 
become light yourself and let yourself be flooded by the
energy of the high realms, so that new lightness can take 
possession of this world.
And indeed human Beings recognize this necessity and 
also those, who prematurely believed to be perfect, awaken 
now in order to entirely devote themselves to further 
transformations and in order to finally let them settle 
in the inner sacred castle of the soul.

The course of the world and the process of ascension
continue unaffected by the decisions of the dark powers. 
The more unbearable the actual discharges become for 
some light warriors, the closer is the point of the great 
healing and the closer is the arrival in the Light for those 
human Beings, who are ready for it. A day like eternity 
and the indications for this day of truth increase. 
Events, which are not written down in any book and 
cannot be found in the imagination of a human Being, 
will bring an end to the old world and will bring the 
beginning for the new world.

The „Pole-Reversal“ is the key word. This is inclusive 
of all events, which are now building up in and around 
this world – on the cosmic level – the point at which 
everything moves, everything changes and let the sun 
rise in the west and let it go down in the east.

After that human Beings experience a great time of long 
peace on this earth and many, those, who have entered 
into Heaven, experience themselves in this new world. 
It is the vibration field that you work towards today, 
that you move towards due to your inner purification 

The separation of worlds is the most 
wonderful process, which an entity 
on this level of All-That-Is can expose
itself to. 

You have chosen this path, and you will enter into 
Heaven, because truly: your reward is great and 
surpasses all of your imaginations and expectations.
Go on, and continue on the path toward the Light.
If in your doings you are blocked by yourself or by 
outside energies, know: I stand at your side, I am 
the permanent companion of all human Beings, who 
bring the Light into their life, in order to liberate 
themselves from the last shadows and the links 
to the old matrix.

It needs to be done, there is still much to 
do and what will be given to you is immeasurable.  
The Kingdom of God is alive within you!
Establish it within you even before it captures 
the whole world and it spreads everywhere.

You are the way, You are Life, You are Heaven.

I am

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