13. März 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

In my Light human Beings heal, due to my power what has 
been connected in an inappropriate manner is detached and 
in my presence every life retains its original form.


God is and God is the absolute truth.
Now this truth is revealed on earth.
Layer by layer the half-truths and the falsities detach
and what appears is the glory of human Beings in God’s 
countenance, and the beauty of human Beings in the Light 
of the absolute and of His all-eternal indivisible and 
inseparable truth.

Truths and Realities 
It is said that there are many truths, and the assumption that 
every human Being may have “his own truth”, because every 
human Being is capable to create his own truth, is widely 
distributed. I say to you: This is a fallacy and will now be 
remedied and will be recognized as a fallacy by those, 
who are willing, by those, who are ready. 

The truths of human Beings are gross deceptions, 
because truly: there is only one truth in God and 
this one is absolute.  

Which human Being can claim to have the absolute truth?
Therefore all half-truths and falsities, all fallacies and all 
imaginations of the truth and of the absolute divine must yield. 
Because indeed, there is only one truth, there are not many 
and there is only one reality, as there are not many. 

There is only one truth and the one   
reality in God – absolute and 
omnipresent consciousness of Creation. 

Each human Being creates his own reality, it is said.
This is correct and happens, as long as a human Being 
ceases from the need for a creator in his life, because
he has lost this wish and because God’s Odem has 
absorbed him.
Such a human Being lives solely in God’s reality 
and his own reality has been merged with God’s reality. 

Enlightenment always means the dissolution of the 
human I am. If the I am dissolved, the eternal divine, 
the absolute divine appears and the truth of all life
becomes visible. 

One’s own truths with the self-created realities 
dissolve in the instance of the encounter with God. 

The truth is absolute and the reality is God. 
Once human Beings recognize this fact,
enlightenment occurs immediately and in 
that very moment the whole life changes. 
Do no longer be preoccupied with half-truths.
Do not call this or that the “truth” and foremost 
never lift your many assumptions, which you give 
out as your truth, to be “the truth”.

The absolute only becomes visible in God’s countenance
and the absolute truth, the one unchangeable truth, 
which is God, can only be revealed to the human mind 
as it is willing to let go of all human conditioning.
Today it is time for you beloved Ones to get up and to 
dissolve all imaginations, the narrow boundaries of your 
consciousness. Concepts and old belief patterns no longer 
help you any further, because these days are dedicated to 
the truth and everything is exposed to God’s Light.

Begin to let go of your truth, say goodbye to your 
opinions and orient yourself entirely toward the 
absolute, which is God and His Glory. 

It is insignificant what you have created 
in this world as you remain far from this 
truth, because your reality is in God and 
beyond that nothing and nobody exists. 

I stand at your side; I remove your illusions and bring 
clarity into your life. I redeem your energetic entanglements, 
structures, which keep you in human and self-chosen slavery.
And while you believe to be free, because you have already 
lifted yourself above some fallacy, you remain nonetheless 
in chains, it is the chains of the human mind, which make 
you believe that your life as Creator God is in your hands 
and not in God’s hands.
Create your own world; create your own illusions 
as long as you enjoy the game. 

Yet the wise one and the enlightened one only enjoy 
the Glory of the Creator and are spiritualized with the 
desire to enter in the absolute truth of all Life.
This soul is imbued with the desire for God and attains 
bliss whereby it itself dissolves in the primal Source 
of All-That-Is. 

Today a new fundamental and far-reaching access to 
spiritual self-awareness is necessary, because the light 
warriors of the first and last hours get lost in useless fights 
in this world and thereby neglect their own perfection – 
thereby they remain away from the last insight, which 
is the truth in God. Light which heals, Love, which enlivens 
all, freedom, which burst open all chains – God’s reality 
reveals itself to you beyond the human spirit, God, who 
is the Great One, and who is ALL. 

Creator God is the one, who entrusts himself to the 
Creator and not the one, who himself gets lost in the 
creation of many worlds, because he is guided by this 
unbridled wish. 

Whoever dedicates himself unconditionally to God, 
whoever has been liberated from his wishes on all 
levels of All-That-Is, will be gifted with God’s limitless 
freedom: the freedom, which does not belong to any 
world, because one belongs only to God.
God is absolute, absolute is His truth, and 
absolute is the reality in the Source of all Life. 

Begin to let go of your truth and orient 
yourself toward God’s absolute truth. 

I am part of this reality and 
I am in service to every human Being.
I am the healing and transforming Light 
for all Life in Creation.

What I bring are: courage, protection, transformation, 
truthfulness and Love. What I demand from human Beings 
are: dedication, a pure heart, clear intention and endurance.

I am 

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