1. März 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Mankind!

The day of fulfillment is closer than the next breath. 
Thereby this world reaches the edge and passes over
to the new level of Creation and into the Kingdom of Light.
With one throw, in one sound and by the Grace of the One, 
this mankind and the world rise. There is hardly any time left 
in order to organize one’s affairs and to heal in spirit, soul 
and body, yet there are plenty of opportunities to orient 
oneself toward the Light.

Whoever gets lost today in everyday manners of thinking 
and seeing, is already lost. Whoever measures this ascension
today with old yardsticks of history, misses the mark and goal 
and remains behind, in order to fall into misfortune, instead of 
uplifting into fortune.

The whole world goes down, everything changes
and many deaths are dying now – and yet: 
Nothing and nobody forfeits his life, because in 
eternity everything is eternal and each life at a 
certain hour finds itself again in God’s Light. 

The Masters of Heaven are in this world and what is hidden 
to human Beings, is obvious for us beyond the veil, 
therefore be assured: All of us fulfill our sacred tasks in 
the great divine game, in the great plan of the Creator;
Human Beings as human Beings, in order to experience 
oneself as Divinity and us among human Beings, who 
will now reveal ourselves to you.

This world is being uplifted, swings up in constant new 
circles; the sluggish forces stay behind and in the cocoon 
of the light-starved matrix, while the light forces are fitted 
with wings, so that they now fulfill this circle of life and 
now begin the next circle in the Light.

The longing for the Light in the stranded ones is 
gradually born; born, as it was gradually born in you.
What counts today for the ones fulfilled by God, is the 
truth, what counts, is the love, what counts, is wisdom, 
what counts, is the humility towards all life. 

What counts today, is the recognition, 
how all life obeys God and is outfitted 
with the vibration from All-That-Is.

Gift the World with Love 

Look back at the world and at human Beings full of meekness, 
because whoever does not know where he comes from, does 
not see the Light and God’s trumpets remain unheard; the 
truth of all life remains absent and Creation remains a 
fathomless mystery. 

The great warriors announce the Kingdom of Peace, 
the Light has illumined all darkness – Heaven and 
earth join and become one – the great throw of 
the Creator fulfills itself in Eternity. 

Remain courageous until the last of all days,
Remain loving until your time is fulfilled,
Remain vigilant companions of this mankind,
Remain attentive guardians of all Light and 
wise Creators of new Life.

You are appointed to heal this world and nominated 
to write a trace of Light into the earth for mankind.
Prove to be worthy and act in Love, affect with 
compassion and hear God’s voice, which works
in your heart, because truly: 

Whoever partakes daily in God’s Love, 
gifts the whole world with this grace. 

Be aware at what point in time mankind and 
the world stand now: The departure nears, 
and the arrival is coming up.
And what counts until then: your Love.

From All-That-Is
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