8. März 2015


Message from the Light Reading 
on February 27th, 2015 in Vienna
channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

I am amongst you! Now and for all time!

In these days, weeks and months, you are in the process 
of receiving the gift of freedom. All tasks in this world 
experience refinement, because everything is detaching 
from your heart what has blocked your ascension to the 
Light so far. The current transformation flow is unique, 
the present power, which enables any change, which is 
all penetrating, and the actual intensification on all levels 
in this world is the sign that the end of this work nears.

New Epoch begins 

I am ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, who from the very beginning 
in this world accompanies all transformation processes, 
from the very beginning I stand by all societies as well 
as every individual entity, so that development is possible 
and unfolding can occur.

Today this mankind rushes toward the transformation with 
a so far unreached will and truly: nothing and nobody is 
excluded from it.

Today the gift of liberation of this mankind and of this 
planet from the clutches of dark structures begins to loom. 
Everywhere dark issues at stake are redeemed and released 
into the Light or to other levels. 
It is a fact of this time and of the reality in this world: 

The dark and the dark ones must leave 
this place. The continuing presence in 
this world is denied to them – according 
to the decision of heavenly Hierarchies. 

And in exactly this phase of purification is the 
whole planet and all of mankind. 
The extent of dark energy structures in this 
world is so massive, so that despite of what 
has already been liberated, still very much 
has to be liberated. 
This is a very significant factor, which the light 
warriors definitely need to consider. Namely too 
many times you have a tendency to let yourself 
be discouraged. Due to the enormous work and 
the immense “centrifugal forces”, which have an 
effect on you, some gain the impression that little 
is changed and the work in God’s vineyard is in vain. 
This impression is fundamentally wrong and 

The closer a mountain climber gets to the summit, 
the thinner the air gets and the more difficult the 
climb gets. Today it is certain: This mankind has 
reached the last high plateau before the summit. 
This is where the light warriors of the first and last 
hours stand now, and some without being aware of it.
They ask themselves: How does it go on? What now?

How does it go on? 

1.) Gather new strength whereby you subscribe 
entirely to your own transformation.
Do not fall for the deception of having done everything, 
because you have already done much and therefore have 
good reason to be tired. This tiredness disappears in the 
moment of the next “success experience”.

And „success“ on the spiritual path means: 
To have brought so much Light into one’s 
shadow world, so that a significant change 
in consciousness occurs. 

One’s own purification, whereby I always stand by 
every human Being, sets free the most and highest 
quality of energy in human Beings. 

There is no greater success experience than the 
one, which you experience yourself in the process 
of awakening.  Be aware of this truth and “redefine” 
the expression of success. 

2.) Apply all your energy to recognizing your earthly 
assignments, to accept these and to live them.
In this area there is still much to do, because human 
Beings cannot unconditionally open themselves to their 
actual assignments or do not want to do so.

They are unable to do so, because their Being is 
covered with many unconscious blockages, and they 
do not want to, because many human Beings back off 
from them out of the fear that based on this insight
they have to fundamentally change their lives. 

The fear of having to break out from familiar life 
paths in principle hinders any fundamental insight, 
as well as the recognition of your divine assignments. 

Once a human Being has overcome this fear and devotes 
himself unconditionally to God, all will be given, because 
everything can be received. Human Beings can never receive 
what they reject from the bottom of their hearts or when a 
soul is not completely ready for it. Realize this context and 
ask yourself now: Where do I stand? How unconditional am I?

What now? 

Go on in greater and greater steps! 
This is the reality of these days.
You know that the vibration on this 
planet changes hourly and increases.
Foremost it is a fact that the frequency 
of vibration nearly doubles every day from 
the day before.

This is an enormous light flux from the CENTRAL SUN 
and this invisible spiritual Light cannot be blocked by 
any power or system on this earth, it cannot be reduced 
or held back. It is a massive increase in vibration day 
after day.
This means not only great efforts in strength of each 
of you, in order to integrate this vibration, but foremost
it means an enormous potential for possibilities of 
transformation. And indeed, human Beings take greater 
and greater steps and those human Beings, who serve 
as Light carriers for their fellow human Beings, even more.
In the process of transformation this means for all 
further processes:

a.) Even more rapid progress in the redemption of 
one’s and/or foreign dark energies.
„Illnesses“ vaporize as suddenly as they appeared.                         

These are phenomena, which many human Beings 
experience again and again in them. Spoken to in this 
respect are foremost those human Beings, who willingly 
expose themselves to their own transformation and less 
to those, who live past the energies of this time.

b.) The gentle birth of a new earth. This means:
Whoever has created a kingdom of peace within, 
experiences the transformation of all life in this 
world with great gentleness. 

Each human Being, who has eliminated violence and 
hate from his heart, remains mostly free from the 
violence and the hate, which discharge on earth.
Or it may be that it deals with a light warrior, who 
due to his assignments has to stand in the battlefields 
of this world until very last. Fundamentally there is the 
rule: Inner as outer. In the reflection of the world you
always see yourself. 

Furthermore it is to be reminded today that the ultimate 
upheavals come suddenly and are completed in a very 
short time. Long „revolutions“, which change little, 
have no place in this dynamic of change.
This is determined by the new time quality and
not by the wish of individual groups of human Beings.
Today it is important that you steadfastly sink into your
heart, that you consistently look for your shadows and 
redeem these; and that you thereby work together with 
the powers of Heaven! 

The protection we offer you, nobody on earth can give
it to you! Be aware: Your consciousness and the binding 
of, for some human Beings visible heavenly forces, 
guarantee you energetic and physical integrity!  

Why should suffering occur to someone, who has redeemed 
his karma and has left his history in space-time? And many 
light warriors are that far today and even more are willing 
to get there. This means: The direct binding to the Light 
and the unconditional devotion to God are the keys to 
any gate of the new world. 

Never despair!

You are in the process to give yourself the greatest 
possible gift on earth, the “gift of freedom”. I support 
you in this manner with my almightiness. 

Whoever calls me, I hear him, 
whoever is unconditionally willing 
to attain healing in my Light, 
I hear him.
I am amongst you at all times.
I am the power of truth.
I am the Light of clarity, the Light, 
which precedes any healing – until
the flame of Love never extinguishes
and has taken full possession of a human 

I am with you and now I hand 
the gift of freedom over to you.

In infinite Love

Love is the Way, Conversations with God (pdf) – GOD: 

The Light Reading is in German. Yet energy is not bound 
by language barriers and therefore every human Being, 
no matter what one's language is, can experience the
Light Reading lifestream or on location. 

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