18. März 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Beloved Ones! 

Guide the Light sword wisely and in Love.
Guide the Light sword free of hate – 
This is the message. 

Release yourself from dark entities, whereby you 
increase your vibration frequency, whereby you sever 
all connections to these energies with your Light sword, 
and return yourself to the vibration of Love. 

As you hold your base vibration high, as you never 
let yourself be drawn into the dramas of other human 
Beings or into the circumstances and discharges of a 
lower vibrating level you remain unreachable for the 
dark forces. 

Is this easy? No. Is this necessary? Yes.

Hold the Base Vibration constant 
For human Beings, who fulfill high assignments in low 
vibrating worlds, it is necessary to thoroughly clean yourself 
after every “operation” and after every presence in or on 
such a level. It is necessary to again reestablish your base 
vibration of Love. As long as the levels overlap, as long as 
many worlds simultaneously exert power over your life, 
energetic alien influences are probable.

It is still impossible for most human Beings to hold the 
high vibration of Love in every moment and on every level. 
Therefore the daily awareness work is the more significant, 
in order to recognize, when and where your own energy field 
is to be purified.

It is necessary to see this, because energies act and 
have an effect. It is recognition and redemption, in 
order to remain on the path of purity.
The tools for it have been given to you with the Light 
sword and with the possibility to consciously increase 
your vibration.

No dark power can permanently 
be nested in your energy field, 
as you make ample use of your 
self-empowerment and thereby 
remain free of hate and act without 


Call me, in my Light worlds dissolve and new 
worlds are created.
Call me, in my Light human Beings are liberated 
and human Beings are new born.


Mandate for this World, Put down the Weapons – JAHN J KASSL: 

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