28. März 2015


Conversation with God

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

JJK: What is the best way to react, when dark forces 
attack someone, when falsity and evil is spread over 
a human Being or an organization? We experience this 
over and over again in the Lichtweltverlag. What is the 
way, as the dark ones fall over us?  

GOD: Give everything to me! The path of devotion to 
God is the solution. I am God, I bless every human 
Being in this world and every life is under my care.

JJK: Devotion is the solution.

GOD: Yes. Devotion to God is the solution for everything. 
Only once the ego submits to this higher power, to God, 
begins the human Being to live and only then can he open 
himself to the divine. In the moment whereby a human 
Being unconditionally honors God’s power, “devotion” 
occurs, redemption happens and this attitude brings 
everything on its way.

Free of Ego = Free of Hurts 
Attacks, lies or falsity, whoever they may be spread from, 
are a good contribution for it in order to see for oneself 
how much one has progressed in the process of ego-
disentanglement and in the process of devotion over 
the low ground of human expression. 

Where there is no ego, also nothing 
can be hurt or be attacked, because 
no touch takes place there. 

In this condition the devotion to God has taken 
place and a life in God determines daily life.

JJK: Meaning, to endure these situations, to bear them?

GOD: No; not to endure them, also not to bear them. 
Both approaches are based on certain heaviness, 
sluggishness and also an attitude of victimhood. 
To devote everything entirely consciously to God, 
not passively, but actively, this is the solution.

JJK: Should one put the attackers to flight?

GOD: There are many methods for it and here 
you can choose among the already presented ways.
Yet after you have done this, it is necessary to withdraw 
the platform for the attackers, whereupon they can meet 
you. This happens whereby you withdraw any resonance 
to them. 

In the moment, when you devote everything to God, 
attacks can no longer reach you, because you live in
a different reality. What remains, is a short pain, 
because human consciousness recognizes any stir in 
the outer and also when the justified residual part of 
the ego is involved. Any entanglement with the dark 
energy fields does not happen, because such a human 
Being is directly under my care and acts out of a highly 
vibrating divine energy field.  

Whoever is devoted to me, whoever entrusts 
himself to me, has everything, whoever denies 
me, walks through the valley of suffering as long, 
until the door to devotion and love to God opens. 

JJK: Devotion, to submit?

GOD: Devotion and Love are dependent on each other. 
Devotion and Love are siblings. Unconditional trust in 
God and Love are one. This needs to be understood.

The higher the human consciousness, the clearer is this 
fact and such a human Being experiences his life in a 
great lightness, even if he frequently encounters 
challenging conditions. Whoever dedicates everything 
to God, submits it to God and presents it to God, fears 
nothing and has everything. 

Gods, who recognize themselves as Gods, 
recognize themselves foremost as a unity 
with the Source.

Humility, Empathy & Love 
Thereby humility toward all Life appears as
the first attribute to an immeasurable extent.
The soul will be flooded and overflowed with the 
energy of humility and empathy, deep Love toward 
all Life appears patently in these human Beings.
„Enemies” receive Love, “opponents” receive empathy,
the inner battle has been fought and any outer battle 
loses sense and value.
The devotion to God is the key, which is available to 
any enlightened one, and devotion’s most loyal companions 
are empathy and humility. Thereby human Beings become 
perfect, human Beings are alive and human Beings are under 
God’s absolute protection, God, who I am.

With this transmission to these significant questions
of this time, I bless you, who capture these words
from the Light in its total essence – they are put 
into your soul and are gifted to your heart.

I am

Devotion to God – Healing due to God’s Grace: 

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