24. November 2013


channeld by Jahn J Kassl
tanslated by Georgi Stankov

Beloved children,

All levels are encompassed by huge changes,
by the Great Revolution, all levels whose magnetic field is
not completely sealed and are still capable to change in the
wake of the big events.

Uncountable numbers of humans must be reached now, still, 
even if for the true and great masters, whom you represent,
the time to say farewell to this world has arrived.

Who are those people who are getting lost in stupid games again
(Christmas, note JJK) who lose orientation, who will show them
the way, so that they can get free?

The final ascension into the realms of the 5th
dimensions and beyond affects only a very few people!
What, I ask you, will happen with your siblings?

All the people on different time- and space-lines must be
reached as long as it is still possible and the collective blunder
that has arisen around Christmas, is a major obstacle for those
who succumb to the deception of this feast in this way. Freedom
is the goal – also for those, who do not yet ascend now,
but stay ready for it.

Part of the tasks of Jahn is to write down this ambiguous
and seemingly contradictory messages, so that the whole,
big picture can be recognized.

You, who are now the ascended masters, will ascend and
will then return back to the 4D Earths – and what you now
leave behind as a heritage of light and knowledge,will then
prove to be of great service to yourselves and the people.

Messages can be irrelevant for some and highly relevant for the
others – that needs to be considered and please always bear in
mind: all levels are permeated by yourselves, unless a plane
is already out of reach and captured in its reality, as is the case
with the 3D levels (dogs’ earth) and the lower twelve 4D levels /

With these few words, I bless you – and be confident on
the eve of the Great Revolution – and please stop with the
counting of days – all the people will be touched by the
grace of God and blessed by the word of God.

Everyone gets until the very end his last chance,
at least to put a further step on his individual ladder
of transformation. No one will be forgotten by God,
no one will be neglected.

In infinite love
2:50 PM

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