12. November 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov

Dream:  My beloved son Noah sits quite confident on a window
ledge of a minimum of 20 -storey building and does not want
to move away from there. I can not stand this sight any more
and try to take him to me into the apartment. When I seize him,
he slips through his sweater and falls into the abyss. I stay back
with the sweater in the hand. My feelings are indescribable … then
when I return to the living room, I see Noah hilarious as always
and brighter than ever, busy playing with his toys. (End of report)


This scene means for all the people: The death does not exist!
Means for all the people that after the great purification, after the
“Fall of this human society” new life will be reborn. Means that
you shall let yourself fall into the depths, that you should let
yourselves into the unconditional trust in God.

Means that you shall fall into the abyss in the certainty
that only after that resurrection can take place.
And plunging into the depths means giving up everything
and following the light trace of God. And this means to get
on without safety net, without tightrope, without help,
with nothing to go to work on your own self as to attain

“ The death of the child … ” means you are called to
embark on life as a child, without considering the consequences.
“ The resurrection of the child … ” means that those who jump,
will enjoy a new life.
The concern of the father…”  means to put off all the
human conditioning.
“ The sweater in the hand of the father … ” means that the
caterpillar leaves the cocoon, that the butterfly is born and
that only an empty shell remains.

New life is everywhere – it arises these days. The laws of the
universe are becoming transparent and the people develop an
inner longing for them. Before this whole process will be fully
unleashed, it is necessary to wait for the final events – and this
should be done considering the fact that the “last events” does not
exist, because each thing evolves into another, the life leads to the
completion and the light to the reality of all life. Nothing dies in
Being and it is the “height of the fall” that determines the degree
of knowledge of a person and leads him to enlightenment.

It is said: he, who has full faith in God, will be reborn in an instant.
He, who is willing to let go off, will be brought to new life in an instant.

Have faith: I am the blacksmith of humanity, do not hesitate and
come to my school, because before a person is ready for the big l
eap, he must learn to deal with small jumps and to acquire the
ability to let go off. This is practical transformation into the
unconditional trust in God. Come to me.

I am
I am in your midst

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