21. November 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

jump into the ocean of Love, which spreads out
in front of you – do not hesitate for an instant and let
the troubles of the past behind you.

It is time to adapt to new actualities.
It is time to recognize the value of these days
and it is time for you to totally commit yourselves to Life. 

Many individuals still want to walk in old shoes on new paths,
still want to build new houses with old tools; and still many of
you want to create a new world with old ways of thinking.
Let go of everything! 

The time has come now, because you can create the
New only based on new thoughts and new intentions;
and thereby the New can be born from inside of you. 

The complete transformtion succeeds, as you totally seperate
yourselves from old garbage – is the willingness to do this little,
the success of the transformation will also be little. 

It is up to you – all is being offered to you, in every respect.
The choice is your’s alone.

God is great, discern and be, become and understand
– because verily: YOU ARE LIFE.

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