19. November 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Search for God. Where?
Find God. Where?
Everywhere He is. 

Experience God. Why?
Actualize God. How?
He may be experienced everywhere and
He can be realized by every sacred deed. 

Love God. Yes.
Serve God. Yes.
Love for God and Service for God heal the human Being.

Succumb to the beauty of Creation? No.
Succumb to the beauty of the Creator? Yes.
Creator and Creation are one, and yet a human Being
completes Self only in God.

Beloved Ones of this time, occupants of this world,
incomers at this timeline, who are in the process of
leaving it in these days. 

I am the consciousness RUMI.

I am the consciousness, which has gone beyond RUMI.
I have returned to earth, so that in times of hate,
love will spread, so that in times of fear, confidence may spread,
so that in times of doubt, trust will win the upper hand.

I bless you with my Love and bring you close to Heaven
 – you ascend to Him, and He meets you in a hurry,
and the Divine Mother prepares a feast for your arrival. 

It is time for it, today, as you are ready, to let your love run
freely, to dissolve your blockages and to experience your
service in this world as a service for God.
Time for You. 

I am Love.

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Pearl of the Day 42 - ASANA MAHATARI: