14. November 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov

Together with my family we stay in front of the house and
look at the sky. A sky like this we have never seen before.
The colors are intense, as there are not of this earth, the blue
is stunning and the clouds look like painted in the sky.
The sun shines in a way that is unknown to us here.
We are absolutely fascinated and we say to ourselves:
Now we have entered the new world. And I myself am
quite surprised that we have simply passed through the
door as to enter into this new world. How easy, I think to myself.
(End of dream)


This dream image is self-explanatory in all and only
requires the acknowledgment of the spiritual hierarchies,
which are responsible for the ascension of humanity.
And this is hereby given. Ascension is only a step away,
and it is only necessary to go through the door into the
open air and to view the new heaven.

This scene describes that for the ascending humans
ascension will be easy and very natural. Simply to step
outside or to go into the next room, to look at the new
environment and to know that you have arrived.

I perceive in the last days a very clear and beautiful sky.
Again today, a mild and sunny autumn day at almost
20 degrees Celsius in Vienna, it can hardly be more beautiful,
and yet the colors in the dream were of a different quality
and of another world. (End of report)

Yes, this is something completely different and new.
It is important, and herewith I will conclude this brief
message that acknowledges and affirms everything that
has been recently said with respect to ascension, that you
should joyfully expect these miracles. Shocks will be only there,
where they are needed to catapult the people from the old ways,
for someone who is, however, familiar with the many details of
the ascension process, which have already been given to you,
and evolves with this vibration, needs only the certainty that
the day of the light is very close. And this certainty is presented
here again.

In infinite love for my brothers and sisters,
who are one in God


Immediately after the receipt of the message,
” Day of Light” I read George’s mail (Georgi Stankov, note JJK ),
in which he reports to me about the imminent transfiguration of
Carla and himself. What does this mean for the overall ascension
process? I am immediately urged to continue writing... 


The vibration of the Ascended Masters is with you and it
will be now transmitted to all the people who are ready for it!

What do these truthful and unique facts – the impending
homecoming of two light beings of this magnitude – mean
for the future course of ascension of the entire mankind?

1) Everything proceeds very quickly now, though still step
by step, until for every man and for the anticipated groups of
people the point of ascension is reached.

2) All individual orders (soul contracts) must be
fulfilled before ascension will and shall happen.

3) This earth gets closer with every moment to the last cliff,
upon which its magnetic field will flip and the whole scene of
ascension will be completed for all.

4) Until then, the “individual ascensions” will stipulate,
as stated in point 2, for those who have completed their
missions on earth.

5) This fact will render the global ascension process a new
thrust and in this way this process will be constantly fueled
and spurred on until the “last cliff”, the point at which
“the Event” will take place, is reached.

Loved ones!

At first glance and superficially not much will change,
unless you begin to perceive in a very subtle manner.
Sometimes a glance in the sky will be sufficient for you
to see what has already changed, then it is a closer look
into the souls and the hearts of the people in order to see
what is new, what is newborn, or what is still old and imm

The fact that now more light warriors of the first and last hour
will withdraw from this level of perception means for the world
that THE EVENT comes closer again, although for some this means
above all to continue waiting. There are those, who due to their
orders will remain to the very end on this planetary hologram,
as they shape the awakening of the stragglers and especially the
final events.

For others, this means (as in Jahns dream), just to step out of
the door and inherit the new heaven, and to find themselves in
the new world. How this will technically play out, should not be
your concern because we take care of it. What is important for
you now is to engage in all serenity and tranquility in your
crossing into the light. Above all in times, when you follow the
ascension of your siblings and possibly ask yourself why you
have not yet been reached by the creator’s call. That’s it for today.

The big event is born, peels out of the time- and space-lines,
and will be unleashed.

In summary: The leap into the new world, even if it is a single
step for many, is now imminent for some people, while for others
it is still necessary to wait. Fulfil your orders, remain rooted in
Mother Earth, because ultimately it is she that will release you
at the forecast hour for you and in accordance with your soul so
that you can arrive at the realms, in which the light casts no shadows.

Do your daily work. Fertilize the soil and plant new trees,
because what you sow today, will bring help and power to generations
of children of men, will pave the way for them and show them the
way. Then, when you have already returned to the expansiveness
of creation, the people will still keep you in high-esteem in their
memory and they will move upwards on the vines, which have
grown from your sowing – until the sweetest grapes will fall into
the lap of the remaining ones.

God is with us. The world ascends and before it is ready,
the warriors of the first and last hours of this and many other
worlds will leave forever and go into God’s infinity and His light.
Truthful is, what the heaven gives, Immovable and irrevocable:

The herewith addressed humanity has graduated.

We are the ASCENDED MASTERS that await you in the Halls of Agartha.
We are lined up and form for every incoming light warrior a corridor of
light. You are truly welcome and honored – infinitely.

We are the ones that expect you,

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