15. November 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov

The life orders are alive, this is required at this time,
because the more precisely the blueprint of a person is fulfilled,
the more powerful the force that is unleashed by such a being.
Be greeted by myself, you beloved brothers and sisters!

I am SETH and I am here to give you this short message
from the light beyond this, because from a distant galaxy.

You are great Gods! You are pure light and crystalline
consciousness, multidimensional and everlasting,
without beginning and without end. Absolute, always
evolving spirit that has shifted its focus for the period of
your embodiment in the nature of a human being that dominates
you on this level. Human nature has been provided with an exact
plan of life and it is important to recognize and fulfill this.

For all the people who now want to concentrate back into their spirit,
which is equivalent to the ascension in the fifth dimension of light,
it is necessary that they accomplish the blueprint exactly, that is
to say, this life plan. I tell you, many upheavals, big changes and
unexpected coincidences are the cause in your life. Many plans
that you had with yourself and with your life are not, or only
barely fulfilled, much of what you did not expect happens.

It is this quality of time and legions of light beings help you
in your day to day problems and guide your ways until you
are connected to your exact blueprint. Everything is done that
needs to be done, as you have decreed it that way. Rely on it,
and the bigger the twists in your life, the more certain it is that
you are fully in the program of restructuring of your life and in
the program of adaptation of your life to your actual life plan.

Leave the old ways of purely human thinking,
purely human vision, purely human hearing, purely human
cross-talk and action.
Your spirit, your holy eternal and divine spirit begins now to fully
capture the level of your physicality, so that your bodies are
becoming more subtle, your everyday consciousness more
permeable and your sensations – one with the vibration of
the divine light that constantly comes upon the earth.

Prepare yourselves to discard all human concepts! That is
the message, and the journey now goes this way for all
those who have decided to participate in it.

I am


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