26. November 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov

Loved ones,

in a few days that are measured for the final step in
the transformation of this world, the inevitable will happen,
the unexpected will occur and the unimaginable will become
reality. Some will experience it as a feast of joy, others
- as a time of horror.

Everything will be turned upside down and everything
will be subject to the restructuring of this world.

Suddenly, and at a time when even the most enduring
light warriors have turned away from the light path,
in a single night, when even the bravest of the light
warriors despair about the state of the world, it will happen,
what needs to happen, because the time for it has arrived.

To stand firmly until the very end, is something that only a
few people will succeed. There are those who understand the
passage of time due to their long incarnation cycles and can
no longer experience themselves in the transition of (linear)
time. There are those, who have left the concept of time and
who saw themselves as prisoners of time. There are those,
who carried heavy loads and are now expected by God.

And all those, who breathe a reality into this illusionary world,
will remain prisoners of same. 
Changes that have been announced to
you are now reaching this timeline.
Be ready and rejoice: you are meant,
you who have been waiting for it.

I am
The ALL-THAT-IS consciousness and God.

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