28. November 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Animals in a human environment need human care and
an environment according to their type.
Animals which were not born in an environment according
to their type, can adapt to this condition, they are being
assimilated so to speak from their environment and adapt
their behavior, what very often leads to the loss of their natural
behavior and their inborn instincts.

Animals, which were pulled from their usual environment,
always react in protest, until they find similar conditions,
as they were used to, or they return to their familiar environment.
Therefore animals need two things: A suitable environment and
the care and love of human Beings – is one of them missing,
they will react accordingly.

One does not pull teeth of a Tiger and
one does not crop the wings of an eagle.

So be conscious: Love your animals, but know,
what they need in addition to it – although they
are being loved by you – in order to be happy. 


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