24. November 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov

Loved ones,

Christmas 2013 is approaching and it is important to modify
your behavior and your access to it. It is important to be aware
of what is happening around you in order to act appropriately.
Again, you are about to plunge into the collective expectation
patterns that are disseminated over you as if the many messages and
reflections that guide you how to modify your behavior did not exist
at all. The establishment is behaving again as if everything is fine,
and as if your agreement to these customs would not entail any

It remains completely unnoticed though that the Christmas
feast of this time managed by the churches obeys only one
goal, namely: the further enslavement of humanity under
the idols of the false Savior, being the actual Antichrist of
the humans, who indulge into the collective field of Christmas
intoxication, so that they have always to deal with dark forces,
as they incorporate and attract these energies into their lives.

Because this feast to commemorate my birth has been perverted f
rom the very beginning! Perverted, as this commemoration is a
dead commemoration, without any life .Perverted, because in
the Christmas season, a suction of pressures encompasses all
the people and they cannot liberate themselves from it, they
are too much exposed to this magnetic pull of the human collective
of “political correctness”. Perverted, because the love and the light
that I have anchored in this world are missing – during Christmas
time more than usual – are trampled by the people. After all,
this is a family feast with constraints, obligations, expectations
and lies, rather than to embark in a contemplative way on the
trail of Christ consciousness.

Will you be asked by the churches hereto or will you be
requested to utter only pious words of encouragement to
this unholy consecration ceremony? Church and State are
marching together, the one to enslave the people with hollowed,
invented and worthless religious bonds in all eternity, and the
other to enrich itself shamelessly on the cash flow, on the debt
money of the dispossessed. And the people whom it affects?
They remain mostly empty back.

Churches, like the state, derive the greatest profit
by keeping the people in a frenzy of consumption on the one
hand and on the other, by encouraging the people to gather
at the altars of this world and thus unwittingly to worship the
devil. Why worship the devil? Because the Roman Church
is focused on the enslavement and not the liberation of humanity!
And enslavement is always part of the darkness, while the
freedom always emerges in the sign of the light. It is very
simple to look at it and see what actually hides behind the
“halo” of this feast.

Contemplation? At Christmas, the people are farther away
from that than throughout the whole year cycle. The Christ
child is persecuted again at Christmas and they try to keep
the light that emanates from him under all circumstances in
secret. Like when we had to leave a very threatening environment
immediately after my birth, because the rulers persecuted us.
Nothing has changed in this respect since then!

Christmas, the celebration of love, is for the greater part
of mankind still a consecration ceremony of Mammon and
the false gods and has nothing to do with the original and
early Christian orientation! You have no aversion to put living
trees in your living room. Here, you take carelessly and
mindlessly only the pattern of those nobles who centuries
ago, because of a meaningless life and from boredom,
began to fall trees and to decorate them and gradually let
the world share this custom until it was entirely captured
by this new practice.

The dead tree reflects only your deadness and the coldness
of your heart and is not a sign of dignified celebration,
also not if you work so hard to produce this appearance.
Christmas is what it is: A feast where under the disguise
of religious candles’ light reverence is attested to the
prince of darkness, to the soulless slave master of this
and many other times.

With Christ, with the energy of the Christ consciousness,
of universal love, of human love and the love of God,
this feast has only marginally anything in common and
only for a few people. After all, he who praises God in prayers,
but disregards the divine laws of all life, he is nothing else but
a dealer who sells worthless stolen goods very expensively to
the ignorant.

How to celebrate? By becoming in the first place ruthlessly
aware of what is happening here! When you realize how
much you are dipped into this collective energy, which
evokes in you an unnatural behavior – obligations, that
trigger a bad feeling in you in advance. Celebrate by being
aware that here the pathway is paved for the Christ
consciousness and unconditional love and that my birth,
regardless of when it took place, is only dedicated to a single

The love for all life and Being, and the freedom of all life, 
which is created to experience itself multidimensionally
as an infinite spirit. Are you inspired by the churches or guided
by the government to this insight? The answer is obvious, hence
this ceremony in the old style should be firmly rejected! Do this
and enlighten your children on this issue.

Children engender enough of their own magic, imagination,
dreams and stories that happen in their lives at any moment,
and they do not need for their growth the lies that are told about
the gift-bestowed child of Christ! Be also truly sincere in this
respect. Really delightful dreams are different, and be sure
that the children’s eyes will be lit on this day more than ever,
because they know what is and can no longer be deceived.

Christmas 2013 may be your master exam,
if you will be able to oppose all constraints and
collective patterns of expectation and finally attune
yourself to the Christ consciousness. If you bestow
yourself and your family the freedom, by fully detaching
from this feast and all the situations, which are created
in the preparation for this feast.

It is an easily perceivable mystery why well enlightened
people have fully adapted to Christmas quite contrary to
their actual alignment, in a way as if ascension and the
liberation of mankind take place without leaving any marks
on them, This is because they have surrendered to the
collective energy, which this time releases! Which means
that they have not done their homework and therefore 
do not bring the qualifications for ascension.

Christmas is the master cheating of the dark princes at that
humanity, which pays homage to this feast. The “light-bearer”
Lucifer appears as an advocate of love and subjugates humanity.
Know that wherever the freedom of the human spirit is disregarded,
the light is absent. Make yourself now an appropriate picture of
these forthcoming days.

Are you free or full of constraints?
This answer shows you, whose Lord you serve,
and it makes no difference whether your approach
to this day is listless or whether you relish it. 
The time to give this feast a new direction has come
for all the people who want to avoid further life cycles
on this earth. Act without any compromises.
This is now required.

Christmas 2013 is your resurrection,
if you allow the light of Christ to enter your heart
and free you from all the duplicates and fakes.
I am the one who accompanies you and keeps all
the evil away from you, as long as you, yourselves,
put off all evil.

I am

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