17. November 2013


  channeled by Jahn J Kassl
  translated by Franz 

You have to give up life in order to encounter Life.
In order to live, you have to die the Great Death
and reach enlightenment. 


Enlightened Co-creators, as such I talk to you,
because after a long absence I have returned to Earth.
Enlightened Beings border the way and through this corridor,
this corridor, mankind cleaves the way towards Heaven. 

What keeps you, what keeps you back, what is it, that happens
again and again, which lets you fail and fall back or lets you stop?
Why does enlightenment remain such a distant goal and why did it
not become the way? If one asks you, how is life, you say:
“It could be better.” And if one asks you why, you say:
“Because what I long for is not being fulfilled.”
So you argue with God, with yourself and with the
world and you miss Life while it happens.

Others on the other hand say: “My life is wonderful.
” Or “I have achieved everything.”
And you point to the transitory accomplishments,
which no star in heaven would change its place for. 

One group is frustrated with life and the other is bored;
and each type of human Being is far from being enlightened,
because they are so distant from God: The frustrated One,
because life is not being fulfilled and the “satisfied” One,
because his life in this world seems to be quite successful.

What makes the difference? Nothing.

Both characters succumb to the mistake, that a successful
life is subject to the influences of this illusory world.
As long as it is so and this error remains, everything will
essentially stay as is; inner and outer worlds remain,
which create pure illusions; is the heart an unpolished
vessel and the treasure, which acts in the Inner of a
human Being, is untouched.
Life, really awake and alive, conscious and mindful,
has rarely anything to do with life, as you still find it and live it today.
Thereby it is mainly this stage of being, whereon you were active so far,
to be recognized as pure illusion, which you have created yourself for
the sole purpose of seeing through it and leaving it. 

To live in the world, yet not be of this world, to fulfill assignments,
yet never lose self in them, because he who loses self in his
activities can not carry out the tasks given to him from God and
can not turn to the main question: what is it, that let me here?

I speak to you about life, as you got used to the never-ending
cycles of death like slaves on a galley, who got used to an
inevitable fate. Let us break through these conditions and
I say to you: the enlightenment is your natural state
and the lack of this knowledge developed solely,
because you moved away from your divine nature.

So how is a Buddha born, how do you make a Buddha,
how does Buddha-ship emerge? 

First it is true for each human Being, whether he is disappointed
of life or he bathes in happiness of his life, to reach the null-point,
when all interest in it has been lost. I am poor, it does not interest
me, I am unhappy, it does not interest me, I am rich, it does not
interest me, I am happy, satisfied and proud, yet, it does not
interest me. Disinterest in all – in the sense of being untouched
by it, what this wonderful illusion offers – is the morning kiss of
the Creator and brings everything on its way.

After that the real ones, the really essential questions
about life are drawn up and after that enlightenment is
only a stone’s throw away.

It was always like that, at all times and in all times;
and also at my time – when I carried the “way of the
middle”, the empathy and the wisdom of life, into
villages and cities – it was not any different.

It is now very important for humans, who have entered
the path of enlightenment, to look through the world
and your life as an illusion and to turn away from
happiness or misfortune, so that the process of enlightenment
remains in its momentum or gains in its momentum.

To view this life as an illusion, does not mean, to deny this life.
Who would deny the illusion of a magician, as he is totally
absorbed in it? It is important to view life as a magic-cosmic
play and yet do not succumb to this game. And you succumb
to it, if you get lost in unnecessary activities, which have
nothing to do with your actual life assignments.

A human Being comes to earth with two things: 

1) with the assignment, to look through this illusion
and pierce through the veil of lack of knowledge and 

2) with the assignment to implement his individual assignments. 

This means, that a human Being is only entitled
to loose himself in life, to a certain extent, if he
follows the matrix of his blueprint; every human Being,
who does not live accordingly, wastes his life and is
imprisoned in this illusionary world for much longer.
This is of utmost importance, as the worlds are released a
nd ascend, now, as humans are closer to the day of self-salvation
than ever. 

Follow your activities, if they are interlocked with
your assignments, let go of all activities, which have
nothing to do with self and your divine appointment
for this world. 

Let go of all humans, all families, all religions and all
communities, which do not exist in your blueprint, because
he who leads such a substitute life suffers from misfortune a
nd finds pleasure in transitory happiness like a child, which
forgets new toys in a corner – after these have been tried
out for awhile.

The distance from the essential, the denial of your
assignments, the lack of courage, so you are asked to change,
are like a weight of lead, which binds you to this world and
never lets you to take off and ascend to heaven.
These words shall serve you, shall give you stimulus,
to give up your transitory life and accept your eternal life.

How to give up, how to accept?

Giving up, because you recognize your inner dependency
on the world of illusion and you dissolve it; accepting, because
you devote yourself without compromise to your divine assignments
and you give your longing for union in God a free run. Because you
do not brake a racing horse, and if you do nonetheless, it will slacken,
it gets lazy and it gets ill, until you do not even recognize it as such
and it asks for the shot of mercy.

Many human Beings can be described as “lame”, “slackened” and
“slow” race horses, which loose themselves in the hurdle race of t
his world and which shun the race track, as a lazy worker shuns
work and the busy One shuns to examine the sense of his activities. 

A medal, two sides and all human Beings are affected,
who came to this world, in order to live Life and not to
act out a life, which was superimposed on them.

The distance from God is for many human
Beings still very large, like an already extinguished
star from earth.

And your ascension, your enlightenment are always bound
to love in God and to the experience of God. The big cosmic
wheels only merge until micro and macro cosmos fuse together,
what is expressed in the fact, that the human Being begins to think
and feel in terms of great cosmic connections.  

These words are meant for those, who strive for enlightenment,
yet over and over again get lost and loose self. And also to those,
who do not give any space to their longing for God, because they
are busy with things, which belong to the transitory and lifeless world. 

Do the right thing, by doing, what you have come for,
every other activity is wrong.

This is the only mistake in life, which you have to attribute
to yourself, so you arrive beyond the veil, after you have done
your work, and have to recognize, that you slaved at the wrong
construction site.

Ascension and enlightenment are siblings, which cannot
be separated from each other, because the enlightened
One has ascended at the moment of his enlightenment,
no matter on which earth he found himself, and the ascended
One pierces all veils of illusion, achieves enlightenment and
comes home to God’s All-that-Is.

Today, as you wait for the day X and have longed for so
many events, it is given to you, that each transformation
has to happen within yourself, before these fruits on the
great tree of life, the All-that-Is reality, manifest.

In these days there are two things which are very important for you:

1.) To live YOUR life in accordance with your blueprint.

2.) To dissolve the inner bindings to the transitory life and
live your universal assignments with purpose, with courage and
with wisdom; to serve your individual plan of creation and to do
everything possible, to fulfill it, no matter what the cost is, with
every fiber of your Being!

So what is your life?

Is it what you do now, is it what occupies you today?
Now, while you listen to these words or read them?
Have you filled your heart with enough energy and
your spirit with enough will-power, so that your
absolutely unique track of life reveals itself?

A bride groom, who does not court his bride,
will loose her; if a human Being pursues the
spiritual path only half-heartedly, the successes
will be miserable.

Were you without compromise, when it was necessary
to be without compromise, or have you stepped back
and were satisfied with lower hanging grapes?

Is your life a repetition of succeeding events or is your
life a unique expression of your Being with unique assignments,
which you are conscious of and which you fulfill consistently
today and with all possible care?

Where does your life fail? Where does your life succeed?
Where does your soul reveal to you, that neither success nor
failure have any significance, because they belong to the
transitory nature?

Many questions, which bring you into the light and into self,
many questions, which – the more you look at them without
compromise and without fear – can eliminate all tensions and
mistakes from your life. Mankind is healed, because amongst
you are enlightened Ones, who deny their enlightenment consciously,
so that they contribute to the ascension as a human Being amongst

And I talk to you about it on the day, when we are joined in the Light, o
n the day, when new fields of grace have been created, on the day,
which brings wisdom and joy, far removed from any self-deception.

When enlightened Ones do not reveal themselves as such,
in order to better serve their assignments, then it has reached
a measure of love and empathy for a world and the humans,
which is not exceeded by anything and cannot be surpassed
by anything.

I talk to you now about that and the transformation,
which proceeds strongly and in great steps, because
you have arrived in the Light of the Masters. We have
gathered all around you, until you understand and recognize,
that you have your spiritual home in our midst and in the heavenly
realms, and that your place can only be there, where the light and
the love spread to an unlimited extent.

I am the enlightened One.

I have walked through fire; I have overcome the
world of darkness and have eliminated my self-deceptions.
There, where I am, is your place.

You only need to recognize it and totally open to that truth, w
hereby you are able to dismantle your tent,  which does not
protect you from the wind or can withstand any storm.

It is up to you – always – all is always up to you
and everything is always possible on account of you. 

Where you are not, there is nothing, and where you are,
there is everything, what you are. Internalize this,
internalize this truth: You are All.

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