11. November 2013


channeld by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov

The last tears have gone!
Where the realization takes place,
the sorrow ends and comprehension is the
only key to remain unaffected by the suffering t
hat is attracted by millions.

Dear Creators!

The suffering of the others no longer reaches you.
Remain now and be wholly all-one with yourselves and
start to ascend far and beyond this world. The awareness
of a Buddha is gazing steadfastly into the world and this
awareness will be awakened now in all the people, who will
return back into the light, so that the various levels and the
variety of events will not tear any new wounds in their hearts.

Like the individual holograms that were sealed as to
remain unaffected by cosmic twists, the layers of the
human aura will now be sealed, so that these people
can return back unscathed from the great epic battle
that already takes place.

Where a person is cleared and cleaned, where everything
in a human vibrates with the divine light, an energetic foundation
will be created that makes any unauthorized access impossible.

This is significant especially for you, who are watching this
madness of the time full of compassion and need to be very
careful that you are not seized by this madness in any way
 - now, prior to your ascension.
Macrocosm and microcosm. What happens to the worlds,
is now also available for the individual in reality:

The sealing of the nature of the ascending beings,
so that the pain of the unconscious humanity never
penetrates into the energy system of a redeemed person.

From this uplifting fact am I reporting to you now,
before you merge into your Buddha’s nature,
before the awakening occurs and you pass through t
he great portal of light into the unchangeable
Eternal Being.

I am the awakened one who is with you now,
as you awaken.


Resist the Devil - ASANA MAHATARI: