16. November 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones! 

Trust Heaven, see, what we reveal to you, understand,
how everything works together, trust your heart, because
thereby you can walk securely on a dark path into the Light.  

In these days this „dark path“ is destined for those,
who have postponed their purification. The lightwarriors of
the first and last hours have walked in front of you,
and now it is up to you, if you want to reach the last train into
the Light - so you desire - to walk through the valley of darkness,
which has nestled in your hearts. 

Let yourself be guided, let yourself be taken by your hand,
let yourself be accompanied! Only those who step back and
refuse the help from the realms of Light, will go astray, because
the darkness in this world was never been so absolute as at present,
as the eternal Light at the end of the tunnel becomes visible and

A relatively short and intensive time, a path full of challenges,
which the last canditates for the ascension have to walk. Trust,
because before we reach the Light, the dark night of the world
will cave in on you, who until today have not decided yet.

I am the guardian of all Life in this world, come to me and
your soul will find peace and the Light.

In the Love for this world,
in the Love for mankind
who I am 

The Great Leap - ASANA MAHATARI:

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