13. November 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov
I sit together with the Austrian Chancellor at a table and
explain to him how to govern CORRECTLY. And I tell him in great
detail what he has to do and how to do what … To my complete
surprise he listens the more attentively, the longer I talk to him
and right on top of that he completely agrees with any of my
proposals and argumentation, although I notice how his environment
watches us with growing irritation. (End of dream)

This is an auspicious time and these days contain everything.
I am ASANA MAHATARI, and I go now through my steps of
development as a human being on earth, before I acquire
completely my universal consciousness as a man under the
ascending humans.

This dream speaks to you of the accomplished transfers of
souls at the highest political, economic and religious levels.
Although by far the majority of the current leaders in politics and
society rejected a soul transfer for themselves, even when this was
anticipated in the individual blueprint, this has happened already and
Jahn is flabbergasted and cannot believe his eyes.

The Austrian Chancellor serves here as an example for
the ” highest levels” in politics and society.

The second message of this dream is that the light warriors
of the first and the last hour will be heard by those elites,
who have allowed this soul transfer at the last moment.
There are statesmen who now open up to the knowledge
behind the knowledge – yes, there are such individuals.
These facts indicate that the transformation of society,
after the “big events” on the upper most 4D earth and
after the first crises will be overcome, will continue harmoniously
and all people will be able to contribute with their abilities.

After the edifice of this world will be tilted, peace and tranquility
will prevail 
-the eternal kingdom of peace will begin to form
and some masters, who will ascend these days,
will then return to this hologram of Gaia 4D/ above 12.

I am

Sealing of the Aura - BUDDHA: