27. November 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Lazy he,
Who gets lost in unnecessary activities.
Lazy he,
Who can never pull himself together.
Lazy he,
Who avoids the conscious perception
of life due to his activities.
Lazy he,
Who does not ask any questions
because of his laziness. 

Beloved Ones,
The laziness avoids the light, because an unconscious
mind avoids the light. And laziness means, to be unconscious,
means to be asleep, to lose oneself in illusion, instead of being
alert and clear, with a sharp mind and complete consciousness,
in order to capture life.

The lazy one as much as the busy one have
a tendency to lethargy, so the one because of
inactivity is unwilling to sharpen his consciousness
and the other one because of his useless activities is
diverted from truly living. 

Two different sides of the same coin, that are disclosed,
because the lethargy means, to-be-conscious-of the
unwillingness in oneself and in one’s life. 

In the opposite sense the seemingly lazy one can be conscious
and the seemingly busy one awakened, both do not exclude each
other and everything occurs. 

In this message from heaven it is pointed out,
that today everything is possible in this world,
and not everything can be immediately seen through.
Therefore it is necessary to strip off all patterns,
to free the mind and sharpen the sight, so that you know,
what you are dealing with, so the one defines himself by
business and the other by laziness. 

Important is this fact because many individuals still are
being deceived by outer appearances. What means,
that they are neither capable to recognize themselves or
an awakened consciousness, in case they meet one.
Today this is of significance insofar as the allocations need
to be correct, because in case you do not recognize the true
characteristics of consciousness in your fellow beings,
how will you correctly interpret these in yourself? One thing
requires the other, nothing stands on it’s own, because
everything is born out of itself.

Lethargic are all those, which avoid to let the divine
light into their life, because they do not want to confront
their unresolved issues. An effort, which is unavoidable,
if one would like to grow and awaken.
To be conscious-of-self means, to be conscious of the
environment, the surroundings, the facts of this transitory
world and to be conscious of one’s own divine essence and of God.

To live each day with an alert sight, to stay with each deception
in fascination, until one has taken the magic out of it and one is
freed from the power, which it had over oneself. 

Important is: BE-CONSCIOUS.
Lethargic are those, who decided to remain unconscious,
because they do not yet want to spend the effort to become
conscious, because they avoid the alchemical process of
transformation, in order to continue their familiar life. 

For you who are in the process of enlightenment,
it is important not to be deceived by outer appearances.
Always look deep inside and far behind, because a Being
never reveals his truth through his actions but always through
his being. 

Human Beings guard their secrets deep inside,
hidden from one’s own light, and it is good, that you
lift your own secrets first, before you begin to understand
the shadow world of your siblings and to recognize it.
Of importance, because each deception is only a further
stone on one’s leg and hinder you to do the proper steps
for its realization.

Love is recognition, after that deeds follow.
Good deeds without love are like a sparkly stone,
which equals a diamond, but at closer look is unmasked
as an artificial stone. 

In practice: Do not balance your unwillingness to recognize
yourself by unnecessary activities, or if you are one of the
lazy ones, you do not omit to be idle, because you are
afraid of your own truth. 

Continue to illuminate deeply into your souls, so that
you can recognize the souls of your siblings – so that
you can determine, what is, who is what and why it is.
Deceptions lose their power over you and lethargy loses
influence in your life. 

Awake is the one who wants to see, lazy are those,
who flee from the individual, planetary and universal
truth and seek refuge in perfectly clear lies.

Rise up to new life.

Overcome the lethargy of the lazy one and the
lethargy of the busy one – because he who locks
himself up from his truth, no matter how, is
unsuitable for this time and remains far from his ascension. 

I am the Love.

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