26. Dezember 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Among you, now and in all times.

Before I uncover the gift of today’s gathering
in the Light, I mandate as follows:
(This is the Message of the Light Reading On
Friday, 13th December 2013, in Vienna, Remark JJK)
Now it is up to you to give significance to this illusion
or to let it go as a nightmare into the realms of illusion.
This specific day has been fitted with deeply dark fear energies,
in order to create a collective field of fear. Another example is my
so-called stories of suffering as JESUS bin JOSEPH. Again this is
with the goal of creating guilt feelings and fears in human Beings.
It is already well known whose handwriting it is. Now it is time to
let it go – forever and into eternity.

In addition I mandate: ALL THAT A HUMAN BEING

And these are the first gifts that I spread out in front of you. 

Beloved Ones,

Today more and more human hearts are filled with gratitude.
Thanks for the fact to be able to be here in this time and at
these events. And today more and more human Beings are
simultaneously filled with the energy of dissatisfaction,
because several events do not seem to happen.
Now I invite you to step from dissatisfaction into satisfaction
and from discord into peace. Whereby I ask you now to close
your eyes…..then ask the question: “How do I feel now….am I
thankful and in peace or unthankful and in discord?”…….In this
moment forget the past and the future, yesterday and tomorrow…,
remain absolutely focused on the Now, in this moment of silence.
How is it now? What do you experience, what do you feel, what
to you sense within self? Is it gratitude or ingratitude? What fills
your heart at this very moment in the state of the Now?

You have the solution. There is only gratitude and happiness,
peace and tranquillity in the absolute consciousness of the Now.
It is exclusively the thoughts causing unrest within you, whizzing
around in the past or in the future.  So I invite you to let go of
these thoughts, by again and again practising the NOW-EXERCISE.

In the Now no street noise or other sound, even during the
Light Reading, can reach you. Practise it and be totally with it.

Now we turn to the events in the visible and invisible worlds,
related to the transformation of all worlds.

The new world creates itself and you are a great and
indispensible part of this process. After the great changes on the
surface of the earth took place, the future ascended Masters
will receive their first lessons, in order to continue the journeys
through the worlds.
Thereby an infinite variety of possibilities are being offered.

Some of you will never return to earth or a similar planet,
some of you will immediately mandate this. Then again
others will create new worlds and will serve as its Logos.
A special occurrence is the fact, that after your ascension
into the Light and the rearrangement of the stars, new 4D
holograms will be created, which are in “special vicinity” of all
3D-worlds. It is so that all these levels have the chance for new
and faster opportunities for growth. And before all this happens,
a great festivity in the inner earth has been prepared and the
UNIVERSAL FEDERATION OF LIGHT will welcome you. At the
same time all transformations on the surface of the earth go on.
Miracle follows after miracle and the darkness finally loses all
power over you.

Really who are the “ascended Masters of the future”?
Meaning who is it? It is all of you, who today and at this
site, take part in this manifestation of Light. And this is t
he real gift of today, for all human Beings. 

Yes, it is mandated on this day: That every human Being,
who follows this words with an open heart, will achieve Mastery,
if he is ready to accept this with all his heart and will do everything
for it.
So if in the “future” one talks about the “ascended Masters”,
know, that we talk about you. It is you.
Today we leave the dark events on the surface of the earth
far behind, before they discharge. Now it is about you, your
Mastery – and it is always about this. 

Worth knowing is above all, that an ascended Master does
not have to ascend, in order to receive this initiation, this “title”.
A human Being is elevated to level of an ascended Master as he
defeats his lower nature and as he enters into his divine nature.
“Ascension” of a human Being can happen together with the
physical or the subtle ascension into the light, but does not have to.

Meaning: Already there are many newly ascended Masters
among you! And possibly you are one of them.
Now all of you need to step into this power.
Less is too little for you. 

I pronounce to you in conclusion: Everything becomes a lot easier.
A new lightness builds and spreads. For the ascension deniers
everything becomes much harder, but the days of the ascending
ones become much easier, more harmonious and more peaceful.
You truly find yourself on a new level and you already perceive the
world quite differently. Delve into this new reality, it is the only
reality of substance – everything else is just emerging dreams
and illusions, but without permanence.
Now we are in the middle of the time of times, the end time.
Mankind has never gone as far, even under the consideration
of the fact, that some of you may consider life here on earth
as “primitive”. Never before has a world been “simultaneously”
lifted together with many other worlds, meaning with the whole
creation. Mankind is the centrepiece of this process, because
it originated with you.

No Being in Creation can receive more honour
than you human Beings.

Now it is up to you to totally internalize this truth,
whereby you will obtain the last thrust for ascension,
in order to recognize your ascension as reality and not
as an illusion.

Christ consciousness lives within you and has awakened.
Christmas of 2013 is only a faint memory and a rotten
building, because: Who is willing, to trade truth for illusion
or real pearls for fake ones?
You are in the care of all of us.
You are the way, the life and the love.
You are who you are.

….. and as you open your eyes,
you can convince yourself of it. 

The Love.

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