23. Dezember 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Mankind is in God’s Care.
Our Creator, the All-that-Is presence in God,
directs the last steps of this world and the last steps
for mankind into the Light. All of us are in HIS care. 

Beloved Ones, 

This fact is of utmost importance for the following days and weeks.
You can encounter the end time more harmoniously and lighter
and the steps into the new time with more poise and in peace,
the more deeply you are rooted in trust, the stronger your
connection to the source of all Life is. 

In these days the earth begins to visibly change and transform.
Everywhere the fruits of your labor show up and it is proven,
that the preparations for the birth are completed and that
the actual birth of this planet has begun. 

Who can still deny this, who can ignore it
or think that it is a phantasm?

It is those, who in their chosen life stay true to lower
vibrating energies until the very last. These human Beings
cannot see what is, they do not even see their own mirror image,
as life spreads out in grim and painful events in front of them.
This reflection is not understood, is rarely popular and is mostly
simply ignored.

He, who is not ready to open his eyes,
remains unreceptive for all truth. 

The event of the ascension commands it,
that this is mentioned here, but today it is not
the talk about those human Beings. The talk is about you,
who are well prepared; and attuned to this great festivity
look forward to the union of the worlds.

With all the storms and upheavals, which happen now,
one thing is of great importance for you, to whom we talk:

Nothing can happen to you in these days, even then,
when truly dark storm clouds concoct over you.

God’s care is absolute, and before one of his children,
that has decided for its return into the light and is well
prepared for it, gets stranded or is harmed, it will be rescued,
meaning: All human Beings who are in danger, who may be
affected by the whirl in events, in the face of revolutions or
during the transfiguration of the planet, will be removed,
lifted into another world, until the events on your mother
planet, to which many of you will return as ascended Masters,
have been completed. 

The people of inner earth are ready and they have
completed the preparations for the great festivity,
for your reception – as well, as the preparations for
your ascension on upper earth have been completed. 

And in the meantime the situation on the surface of
the planet is dramatically brought to a head.
The events cannot be overlooked anymore.
While the world talks of peace and more and more human
Beings wake up, nothing is left untried by the dark forces,
in order to establish ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT

All revolutions in countries of the world have the handwriting
of exploiters and do not come from the free, spontaneous and
determined call for freedom for human Beings. Know, that
revolutions are carried out in order to destabilize the whole
world, until a world government can be announced per decree.

This happens on all levels, destabilization is the word,
which is sacred to the dark forces, until every population
is made a loyal subject and all countries have been subdued.
This is inevitably the course on all levels, which do not
belong to the “Supra Planet”. The dictatorship gets by
using other means compared to decades ago. More refined,
more perfidious and unnoticed are the methods to keep
Mankind in the slavery of making money, without truly noticing it.
And those, who have noticed it, have already opened themselves
to a new reality and many have reached the end of the horizon,
there, where the ascension spaceships are waiting for you, in
order to carry you into the many heavens. Concurrent with
the events of society the polar shift is happening in the core
of the earth, wherefrom the new earth is emerging, while the
old earth is falling back into a lower vibration – like a caterpillar,
that transfigures into a butterfly, throws off the cocoon. Meaning
that there is an enormous “tension force” between the worlds.
The effect of the 4D hologram is still noticeable for the 5D
ascendants, because these worlds are still in the process of
separation. And while all of this is happening, all events,
which this process brings with it, are being manifested on
the surface of the earth and inside of the earth.

It actually seems, that all the tension before the
“big bang” is escalating to the unbearable.
This tension can only be perceived by those,
who subtly recognize the associations of this time,
for those, who see, what remains hidden for most
individuals. And indeed:

The centrifugal forces of the change effect all human Beings,
but only the ones in the know can see the true content of this
time, because the ignorant ones flee from the truth of this time,
and they regard each pain, which they suffer, as a profane event.

And indeed: The closer a human Being or a world gets to the Light,
the greater are the forces opposing this process.

The worlds are being unlocked. Imagine a trailer that is unhooked
on a steep hill and how it then plunges without braking into the depth.
This happens at this moment, as soon as the levels have been separated.
Thereby one world crashes while the other world is freed and can
complete the last meters with utmost ease along the path. 

Like a lump on the leg, Mother Gaia recognizes all worlds
that were established around herself and through her.
This necessity is no longer present, because all decisions
have been made.
This time has everything in it, and in the last steps
everything dissolves that is no longer bearable for Mother Gaia. 

For you the return into heaven is close, very close.
The ascension gates are open, the light ships are ready
and your light bodies are completed, so that on the day,
that now is very close, you can step into the light body and claim it. 

We look forward to the events; In the meantime we have already
been affected by them, because the time of change is the time of
Mankind’s return to God  - and this is taking place right now.
Mankind, which is ready, is immersed in a suction of light and love.
The ascension happens unnoticed, even though you watch the
“great event” on the surface of the earth with great anticipation.
God’s hand brings you back – the time of God’s grace,
this time is truly – NOW.

And it is the time when all is being fulfilled in you,
with you, through you.

After you have come back to God, your journey continues.
The eternal and infinite journey of a Being,
that has achieved divine individuality, expands itself
into the infinity of the galaxies and universes and far beyond
it; and I will also talk about it on the day, which is,
Friday the 13th(Day of the Light Reading On 12/13/2013
in Vienna, Remark JJK) the day, when new fields of grace open
up and on that day old disbeliefs and superstitious beliefs
have no more power over a self-empowered human Being.

I am with you, eternally and in eternity 


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