25. Dezember 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Dream: I am in the “event area” in a high-rise
building. Restaurant, wellness area and other amenities are located
on the upper floors. By looking at the service personnel, this building
apparently belongs to an Asian company, and has a name similar to
“McDonalds”. Constantly people come out of the many elevators
reaching the upper floors, in order to eat and drink or take advantage
of the other amenities – until suddenly shear terror breaks out.
A small army in black uniforms and masks carrying batons and
other weapons, begins to wildly beat on anything that moves.
Human Beings and things, no consideration for anything and they
call out, that this is directed against the decadence, which this
locale stands for. It is indescribable how this group rants and rages.
Thereby there is no escape for individuals, because all entrances
and exits are blocked. As this dream barely ends it begins again,
which ends in a recurring nightmare, repeating five times
– in all its details. 

Thereby with each repetition I gain a new oversight over the
entire event (like in the movie “groundhog days”) and I know
ahead of time what will happen next.

I see the personnel of this place constantly counting money,
in order to establish the daily intake. It is a lot of money,
paper bills, which pile up on the tables. With each repetition of 
the dream I try to hide better, but I never find a suitable
hiding place and yet I always come through these attacks
without harm. In the last and fifth repetition, I decide to take
the lift for downstairs, so that I do not have to see this again.
I get out on the 10th floor – one floor too early – in the belief,
that I would escape the catastrophe. But I see only,
that the dark figures block the building from the 10th floor up,
wherefrom they begin their destructive work. Again I am imprisoned.
After that I open my eyes and decide to finish my afternoon nap.
Only then do I escape from this nightmare. (End of dream)

Beloved Ones,


Interpretation: The disaster begins on the 10th floor.
Meaning: From one to nine, the last one digit number,
human Beings are in Heaven; the 10 signify the transition
to another level. Here it is the earth hologram that is overcome
by all ascending ones and already has been. The dark forces
begin to destroy their own world under the pretense, in the hope,
of finding a straightened world freed of all humans. 

The brutal action points to the fact that the dark forces
and not the light forces are carrying out the attacks.

Lack of compromise has nothing to do with brutality,
that is how you can distinguish a light warrior from
a warrior of darkness.

The tenth floor stands for the artificially established
society created by mankind. 

It is this world, as you experience it in these days that
we talk about: an artificial world, paper money, deceptive
luxury, including decadence. Heaven consists of nine steps,
of nine levels. In this context the 10 signifies, that this world
has dropped out of its source. Jahn is in the middle of it,
because his assignments require this and he can finally free
himself as he decides to take himself out of the game;
because he knows, that everything has been done, as he
decides to step out and “wake up”. This makes it quite clear,
that every human Being can only lift himself out of this illusion,
until he ends the sleep and “awakens”.
It simply is up to opening the eyes and to decide,
not wishing to dream anymore. Within the game itself the
levels remain shut. Meaning, that this horrific event happens
only on specific levels and that all, who live at the origin
(the nine levels in Heaven), cannot be reached. The intensity
of the dream also shows, that this event takes place in your
vicinity. As you may know, similar events were created on
many levels, but now these events also happen on your
timeline, as you leave this timeline – you awake.

Nothing can happen to the awakened ones;
and also no hair will be bent on the head of the ones,
who carry out their assignments on this level
(as to Jahn in his dream).
The ones, who continue to relish in the temptations of
this artificial world and give in to unnatural and non-lasting
happiness, will be given new experiences.

This dream also shows: To awaken is simple!

You only need to realize, that you can quite simply step out
of this, or any other, reality by opening your eyes. 
(End of interpretation)

So far this is quite obvious. The dream has the following message:
The event, that we repeatedly talked about and has been
announced to you, has begun. 

The calm is over; the day of truth has come. 

I ensure you with these short words: You are under the absolute
care of God, you, who have already stepped out of this illusion.
While the planet ascends, the old world stays behind,
for those wishing it.
And there it happens what has been described here.
The ascended ones are in touch with this event.

God ascends you, whereas the godless world destroys
itself and thereby stays in old experience loops. 

Awake from this nightmare, because you can step out of this
game by the grace of God simply by: opening your eyes and
being ready not to fall asleep again!

Sleepers awake, it is one of the last opportunities
that are being offered to you.

Again we bring light to the events und we announce to you, what is.
Be ready to turn away from the old world – and that – totally without
End your sleep! End your dream! This illusion can be
ended now, never was the exit as easy – never as urgent.
Awaken and arrive in reality.
Then you will be absolutely untouched by all of this.
We have arrived; we have entered the last events,
while everything has been decided for the benefit of
all human Beings. Corridors open, corridors close,
worlds are born, worlds are destroyed
– become formless and attain a new form. 

For you the great game of birth and rebirth is over!
Open your eyes for it is done. 

……and the dream world is left to itself. 

In infinite Love


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