27. Dezember 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Holograms run through my energy field, which now
part from this world. Human Beings in agony and with
shattered lives begin to understand their “Fall of Man”.
It is the sunken worlds, which had no opportunity for ascension.

These energy lines interlace for a short time my multidimensional
Being and I perceive it like a “cosmic fever”. Like a burning torch,
which doesn’t extinguish, I shine to places, where the divine light
has been absent until now. New abysses and worlds are revealed
to me, new levels of darkness; and a new Mankind is revealed to
me, which push, full of longing, for new levels of light, which were
created for their benefit. Some worlds remain submerged in time
and space and other worlds rise. And these universal energies
have reached me, and flow for a last time, until all worlds find
their new destination in All-that-Is, through my Being.
That, so that the new worlds receive their exact allocation.
A last step in the transformation process, the final purification,
what shows, how comprehensive this procedure had to be thought
out and carried out.
Standing on the bridge between worlds,
I carry out the last work in the sign of Light, in the sign of Love.
I perceive the “fever of ascension”, that only a small portion of
Mankind “fevers” towards and the “fever of downfall”, because
for many humans, for whom the reality of their decision manifests,
I perceive these in all worlds, and in all humans, which are affected. 

The hours are being counted, the days are getting shorter
and shorter, time loses its power, because this field of God’s
creation arises into the timeless All-that-Is. 

I am eternal, I am with you in the transformation channel
of all life until the end, because the last day is like the first
one and means: To go to work in God’s garden.

In infinite love

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