22. Dezember 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov

Countless millions of angels hover over the earth and
come down on the mother planet of this creation,
countless millions of light ships from the Central Sun and
the realms of light descend upon this world, so that the people
can be taken into the security of their eternal families.
Everything is on its way to you – everything flows towards
you in an endless stream of love, incessantly and constantly
new created, until you are all reunited with the high divine
impulses and the light of God.

And among all of them the “big mother ship” of this galaxy
stands out. It is the ship of command and the ship of the
commander – the ones who coordinate all areas of the Galactic
Federation of Light and the Forces of Heaven, which are assigned
to the earth. From there, the pulses are set, holograms are
created and dissolved, and under the auspice of these masters
who serve on this ship, all men, who will ascend, will be
connected in a very short period of time to the great
universal knowledge and linked to it.

After your Ascension the Great Amazement begins,
the time of obtaining back your reality begins, and the
last wounds from the many battles that honor you will be
closed and healed. After that you will prepare for your new
orders, then you can act on as an Ascended Masters
or you can act on as a Logos for new creations.

Prepare yourselves!

After the ascension, as is decreed by the Creator,
you will have the opportunity to enter into a long phase
of wonder. It is these experiences that will enable you to
participate in the whole creative plan and in the truth behind
this and behind many realities. The ascended ones will recover
their whole memory, just like the beggar who was once king
acquires his kingdom back.

Your kingdom is and never was of this world!

So it is true, because your kingdom is of a world that is unlike
anything that you would ever be able to interpret. This veil is
lifting now, the ignorance steps aside and it loses power until
the knowledge expands and every cell of your being is fully

From heaven, the big light ships and the great
light beings, who will now manifest in this world,
are coming to you.It is time to bring the things back into
balance and it is time to help the wisdom and the truth to
make a breakthrough with the scales of justice of the Creator.

We are with you, here and now, so close, so very close …


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