31. Dezember 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

I am, who loves God and who loves Mankind! 

Therefore I have returned to this earth.
I was reborn and have become part of humanity.
So that I may assist you in this time and so I may
serve the ascending worlds, as I have done so for all time.
This is the way it is and we are a great cosmic family. 

In these days the fruits of the tree of life are visible for the first
time, in these days new worlds are born and your world is lifted
step by step – until a “cosmic push” seals everything.

The specifics of these days are, that all ascension scenarios
happen simultaneously. Thereby all levels reach perfection.
It is possible, that soon you may not see your neighbor anymore,
because he changed to a different dimension, it is possible,
that your neighbor may not be able to sense you, because you
have changed to a different dimension.
It is possible that the “end of the world”, before the big events,
a.) magnetic pole reversal,
b.) appearance of the aghartars,
c.) appearance of light vessels from heaven,
happen without your participation or you are totally involved.
And I proclaim, that it will be, what will be, that you will experience
what you are supposed to experience, everybody in his own manner.
Because God always discloses himself in a unique and absolute
manner just for you.

A second very close scenario is the arrival of many human
Beings on the “Supra Planet”. This was already announced to you.
This planet contains the highest 4D hologram and initially the lowest
5D earth hologram. The dividing lines are quite fluid.

This new development in the creation plan fulfills the purpose,
to keep those human Beings, which were close to ascension,
but have failed, because they avoided the last steps of their
own transformation, close to the light, so that they do not lose
the path to God and into the Light.

It will be the planet, where human Beings, who today
have achieved mastery over self, will appear as the
“Great Teachers”, will find extraordinary conditions for
in the truest sense unbelievably quick growth. Discoveries
and enlightenment in a very short time, because these levels
will be partially in the time-space framework, and otherwise
will be outside of time and space.

The free movement between these levels will solely be
reserved for the ascended Masters and they acquire these
capabilities in these days.

Much has to be done, even though much has already happened.

You see that the divine magic is bottomless and barely did you
get used to the new reality, already new worlds are created.
And things progress in this “tone”, in this cosmic sound.
All those who have already witnessed the lowering of the
“Cosmic Light Dome”, have tasted a bit of the 4D/5D “Supra Planet”. 

Conditions, so that the above can be manifested in short order,
are the magnetic pole reversal, the ascension of individual human
Beings into the Light and the complete transfer of all political,
cultural, religious, economic – in short: societal systems. 

It is known, that a few heads of State have agreed to a soul transfer.
This fact loosens the soil, but did not bring the breakthrough.
The possibility, to change the system from the inside,
is no longer an option, because there is no time nor the
will for it. The majority of human Beings, who are awakened
or half awakened, long for a new beginning and a breakdown
of the “societal-dis-order”. 

This is already happening and will find its
acknowledgement in a great cosmic drama.
So far about the newest developments in the epos of ascension,
and be conscious: God knows when, how and where he lifts you
into the Light, after you are ready from the depths of your soul.
It is more important than ever, to go again into your essence and
deep down. Some areas in your soul still lack light. Recognize the
beauty of the Creator, recognize your own beauty, only then is the
time ripe for the praise of the beauty of Creation.

This deep wisdom will make you calm and will establish
inner peace. You cannot arrive anywhere, until you have
totally arrived in yourself!

It is significant to understand, that all, absolutely all is possible,
if you make it possible within self; and a few hidden pains of the
soul still wait for liberation.
But it is also a fact, that for the light carriers of the
first and last hours the ascension has been sealed.

You only need to find out: Does it apply to me?
Am I ready? Truly ready to give up everything and to
face the Creator? Or do worldly structures still bind you
to this transitory world? Friends, family, children, power,
status, suffering, pain and so forth.
As long as you hang on to a situation, God’s light cannot save you.
And hanging on means, to deny the fact, that in God’s Creation
all and everything is being cared for.
Carry out your worldly responsibilities until the end and with full
force, but be ready, to leave this level anytime.
Then, when God calls you.

Are you capable to act accordingly, then you are meant,
as one talks about the irreversibility of your ascension.

The cosmic veils between worlds lift. New transparent
and porous veils are being created, so that new worlds
develop and that the longed for change takes on new forms
on this planet, becomes real and manifests like one thousand
and one night. 

Nothing can knock you over, as long as you already
fell into the depths. Nothing can destroy you,
as long as you destroyed all your confusions within self.

Nothing can disturb you,
as long as you arrived in the ALL-THAT-IS-GOD consciousness.
Remain rock and light,
Be hill and light tower,
Become God and Human - free and loving. 

The heavenly home is yours and spreads
out onto this earth. Inevitable, irrevocable.

Trust this truth, even if you mostly encounter different realities.
Be firm in yourself and protect the flame of eternal life, because
shortly before the arrival in God’s realms, storms appear, which
tempt you to return to old and accustomed caves of old times.
This illusion disappears, as soon as you recognized it as such.
We have arrived and the wind has turned. We leave one world,
and we create the other world.

And over-all is God.
And over-all is God. 

I am Love

This is the Message from the Light Reading on November 29th, 2013 in Vienna.
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