31. Dezember 2013


written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz


Honored Readers,
For the Lichtwelt-team and for me, the end of the year is reason,
to THANK all individuals, who back up the Lichtwelt-project in
different ways, as follows: 

1.)THANKS to our polish friends in Berlin,
who have translated all messages into the polish
language for over three years wolnaplaneta.pl
(the link is deactivated, because the Lichtweltverlag,
without exception, will not provide direct links) 

2.)THANKS to all translators of the Lichtwelt messages in the
following languages, as far as we know: English, Spanish, French,
Dutch, Romanian, Hungarian, Serbian, Chinese. 

3.)THANKS to all blog and internet providers who adopt the
texts of the Lichtweltverlag in order to make this light energy
available to new and additional groups of people. 

4.)THANKS to all people, who support us idealistically,
energetically and financially. This is of great importance
because only together can we muster the necessary strength,
in order to remove us from this system. Because the change
is our entire affair.

5.)THANKS for the regular and not so regular small,
middle and larger financial contributions. This allows us
finally to do our work on this level that is still operating with money. 

6.)THANKS for all letters wherein the intent wishing to make
a financial contribution is stated, but due to lack of means is
not possible. We honor the intent and that is what counts in
most things in life. 

7.)THANKS to the Lichtwelt-team, the closest circle,
that carries the Lichtwelt-project without ifs or buts for
over 4 years. Each one of us has been subjected to infringements
and different attacks, whereby each one of us showed no effect
and proved to be a true light warrior.
7.a.) I THANK the Lichtwelt-team for the work for this
project in God’s spirit. Because a middle forward,
who I see myself as an example, can only score goals as
the ball is played to him. Therefore I am dependent on this
passing of the ball, in order to be able to pass on the messages
from heaven in this dimension. Without mentioning any names,
because I know that most “light warriors of the Verlag” wish to
remain anonymous, I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. 

8.) THANKS to the English-translators,
Bjoern Kurt and Franz who do this directly for us and
Dr. Georgi Stankov, who willingly provided us with his translations.
In particular thanks for the wonderful conflation of heaven with
“Franz”, whereby it is possible to publish each message and each
text in our portal also in English. English books and an English
Lichtwelt-portal/blog are in preparation as a result of these

9.) THANKS to my family, which quite often has to do without
me, and which gives me every kind of support for my work.
9.a.) I THANK my children and especially my wife. 

10.) THANKS to you who value our work and strengthen
it with your love. Some of you see in me God, a Guru, an
Enlightened one, possibly a great Master. And I tell you, all
is correct, because each one sees in me what he wants to see.
But do not, as far as you is concerned, wish to enlighten me.
Because that what I am also applies to you. You are made of
the same prime stuff as I am made, out of which all of us were
created, maybe a bit more conscious – that is all that distinguishes us. 

11.) THANKS to all readers who have the understanding,
that all letters, all personal questions, have to remain unanswered
and will be in the future. Our assignments are clearly defined and
exclude personal care of individuals in order to be able to do our

12.) THANKS to you wherever you are, help the light for
breakthrough and to all those human Beings who do this
without us knowing it. We are truly many and become more. 

13.) THANKS to the spiritual world, which provides us with
all we need for living, for thriving and for growing. 

14.) THANKS for your different gifts, which you give us during
the light readings or which are sent to us via postal service.
It is so much, that we can pass on some of it and they always
get into the right hands or to the right place. This way you give
repeatedly by giving us. 

Honored Readers, 

This expression of thanks does not claim completeness.
If we forgot somebody, we trust for your loving understanding.

We are thankful that we may do the work and we are certain
that we will continue to direct our undivided attention toward
the divine light and the earthly processes. Because what builds
in the invisible realms, will at the right time manifest and in the
certitude of God also in our reality.

To experience this is intended for us,
It is our job to contribute to it.

In this spirit we bless you –
In love and in God’s grace 

The Lichtwelt-team & Jahn J Kassl

(The light world publishing and the author do not lead any
correspondence whatsoever on the texts / messages published
on this website.)