10. Dezember 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Forgive, so that injuries heal.
Understand, so that love can flow.
Love, so that your soul can breathe. 

To know instead of believing.
To recognize instead of guessing.
To love instead of being loved.

Tears of love flow through your soul like
a raging stream, until it recognizes.
Tears of joy flow through your heart,
like a prickling river, until it flows to God.
Tears of pain flow through a Being,
until all the tears have been shed and
until Love and Joy are victorious.

Sadness, which disappears,
because you have been consoled.
Hate, which disappears,
because you have been freed of it.
Kindness, which appears,
because you know the sequence of things. 

Mindful of this time, I say to you:
Honor God your Creator and honor Life,
then you have given all honor to your Being.

Honor be with you, because even before you come to God,
you will lift the world.

Remove the Dead, so that you may live. 

I am Love