16. Dezember 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov

The heavenly Father, the primary Mother of all Being,
release their children in the new freedom. And even those
who have chosen the slavery again, were free to decide this
for themselves. Even though the manipulation of the human
spirit in this world reached a unique level, most
people – not all – had the opportunity to escape these
harmful interventions.

Those children of God who accepted out of love and out of
free will life contracts, where they were helplessly exposed
to these manipulations and to an existence in deep grief and
depression, will receive in heaven a big welcome and these
will be truly ascended.
Because there are only two reasons why a person chooses
to join the disenfranchised, the impoverished, the sick,
and the needy, the deprived of any hope of improvement

a) If it is necessary for karmic reasons or
b ) When a person voluntarily decides to initiate
a transformation by his testimony.

The “Last” are truly honored and elevated and they will,
as said in the scriptures, “Be the First m Heaven”.

Today we, who are the GUARDIANS OF THE EARTH,
announce that the Mother of your life turns in all love
one last time to their children.

The great spirit of Gaia 
imbues in these days every human heart and
every human mind. Absolutely every person is thus
given the opportunity to attune appropriately to the
coming events.

Because a person who has attuned to the transformation,
can prevent the shock that this transformation will trigger.
This mainly concerns the people who will remain at the levels of 4D.
Who does not need the shock as medicine and a healing opportunity,
now has the opportunity to tune into the upcoming upheavals.
That much time is still there. Gaia penetrates the human minds
and returns to the people, so that they can learn to comprehend
what needs to happen and will happen and so that they can fully
confide into Gaia’s embrace.

To this purpose two levels of human
perception are now being used:

1) The dream level and
2) The level of meditation.

Now the people must one more time befriend with what
they have so far rejected by themselves: the ascension
of humanity and the transformation of Gaia 
TERRA XX27 into a living and shining star in the firmament.
This compliance of the people arises from the decision of Gaia,
because your Mother loves you, even when you ignore and
desecrate her, she loves you the way a mother loves her children,
even when they cause her pain.

The GUARDIANS OF THE EARTH know that all will be fulfilled
and that we stand in the middle of God’s light cone. This means
that the alchemical process of transmutation and transformation
of all life now reaches the momentum, where the refining of the
world will become visible. The glory of the Creator will be
presented to the new humanity and it will know that it has a
ccomplished great things and has moved whole universes.

The Great Awakened know about their work, and they also
know that after this great ring is completed, a new circle
begins – which they themselves shall create by breathing
life into it.

Gods awaken! Gods create a new world.
And precisely these gods are now leaving this,
so familiar to you plane of existence. 

Mother Earth prepares all the people for the “downfall”
or “ascension”! Take this gift and prove yourselves
worthy of this final act of grace.

We are the

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