28. Dezember 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Comprehend God.
Recognize what is.
Living in unity with all that is. 

Comprehend Him. Impossible.
Recognize all. Necessary.
Living in unity, because isolation is terrible. 

Beloved Ones,

Days full of happiness and bliss begin.
Nobody comes to the Source, without being richly gifted,
before one continues the path to the infinity of Creation.
The birth of new worlds is in process, and these worlds
signify arrival, home and family.
The highest levels of the fourth dimension of All-that-Is
combine with the lowest levels of the fifth dimension of All-that-Is.
On this „supra-planet“ the ascended ones teach the ones ready for
ascension, until they are ready to glide over into the „other-world“,
over to God their Creator.
In these days all levels of darkness will be left by
the next multitude of ascending ones!

New and high energies become free and are freed,
so that new worlds may form. You must know:

1.) The ruler ship of leaders from Agartha is of short duration,
because it is your inheritance to heal the „outer-earth“

2.) The fifth dimension  of Creation expects the light warriors
of the first and last hours, to decidedly take on the leadership
of the transformations for their fellow humans of the upper 4D

3.) Ascended Masters: On account of you, you have
completed, what can now be completed on the different
levels of All-that-Is.

Love allover.

In this sense this new world is weaved.
The world of Spirit and Soul, of Love and Light,
the world of enlightened Masters, who in these days
leave the upper levels of the fourth dimension of All-that-Is. 

Step in – you are expected.

I am

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