14. Dezember 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov


In the number of 11. 
You are masters. Period!
Needless to discuss it or imagine it!
Be it, live it, and confess it to you.
You, who know what I am talking about to you today.

You are neither passengers on the ascension ship,
nor belong you to the crew, you are the ship itself!
Do you understand what is really going on here and now?
It is all about the fact that you claim all your power and
strength and that you are never less than what you are
because of your divine origin.

Now to the current events on this timeline.

The magnetic pole reversal occurs now and
reaches your level of perception. Nothing remains
as it was and yet everything remains the same.
A paradox! Whoever solves it has arrived.

All those light warriors have arrived,
who will enter the next ascension thrust into
the light and be transformed into universal creator gods.
From a human being to God, a leap to which the few selected
people will now lift up. And nobody was chosen by God,
but every man has determined this for himself.
Do you know what is the biggest obstacle to the ascension?

It is the misconception that the ascension is caused from
the outside and is not manifested from the inner realm of man.
You are the life, you are the ascension, the death or the transience
– depending on what you chose. Who can solve this riddle,
he has arrived. Where? In God. Have faith.

Currently, completely new pulses are reaching you.
The earth will turn, the birth of the New Earth is underway.
Variable – up to the day on which the Event takes a visible
form –  until the exact moment when the final discharges of
transformation and transfiguration of all life on and around
the planet will occur. Why? Because the plan of creation bestows
every living organism with the creative freedom of self-formation.
Accordingly, now the Divine Mother Earth, Herself determines the
ascension process, which is in progress and is already irreversible
long time ago, in what dynamics, and with what consequences,
and with what indications and signs she will announce her
all-changing transformation to the people on the surface.

Before some people are brought to the “top” in the wake of
light and before the others will fall in a shock-like jerk to the
“bottom”, a foray of events will have manifested that will fulfil
all the announcements regarding the ” Great Revolution ” and
this unique transformation.

Everything that you, who can assess these events in their
roots – and there are only a few of you – have determined,
observed and recognized is CORRECT.

There is no guile. Is to be seen that everything is on the way
and know, until the very last moment the truth is: You do not
know the hour when the Lord will come … and 
He is coming and the hour is very close.

In infinite love for all the people of this world in
all eternity and Omnipresence,

I am

End of dictation 1:49 AM
In the number of 14 = the quintessence = (It is fulfilled)

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