19. Dezember 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov

What more, you gods?
With how much love, do you expect God will
meet you when all the revelations are fulfilled?
Prepare yourself for the Unbelievable, expect the
Immensity of God, for no earthly dimension can measure
what will now come to you.

Happiness, Joy, Peace, Holiness, Beauty, Unity, Truth,
Light and Love to you in an unimaginable for you reality
and manifestation of power.

What more, you gods?

Religions merge into one great Truth, which is there,
to be connected directly and without delay to the Source
of all Life. Thus all religions that soar up to be a mediator
to God must and will dissolve. In the new and ascended world,
there is only the self-determined and grown-up – because awakened –
individual and those who yearn for the guidance of church and state,
without having to bear the responsibility for their fate, can be found
on the specially created holograms for this.

The 5D society is full of light, that is, nothing that so far eked
out a shadowy existence in the human psyche, in the human
mind, in the human body can and will continue to exist.
It will disappear.

What more, you gods?

What is true of the churches, also applies to the state.
The complete dissolution of all previous forms of government.
This happens in a flash and a great liberation and relief reaches
all people. Life, as it seemed impossible so far, will become
everyday life. Freed from the forced labor of wage slavery,
the people shall create a new world, where, in principle,
for everything and everyone is taken care of – and that in

The Luxury of Heaven is manifested on the 5D earth and
once you have arrived there, you will put off all loads, every
effort and the many plagues of this level of experience, like a
skin that sloughs off by itself. 
The arrival at the higher realms
of light of the fifth dimensional level of Being,
is the most natural process for the light warriors of the
first and last hours!

What more, you gods?

Love, Light and Joy. In particular, the breakdown of society
because of the dark ones will be dissolved by the connectedness
of all the people with the ALL-THAT-IS consciousness. Where the
unifying bondage and where the light prevail, there can be no
deception and hence already your first days in the new world will
be shaped in this spirit.

Getting used to? No, because he, who is equipped with the longing,
and this is true for all of you who inherit this level, knows that he
has arrived and is immediately given, without having to wait for
the harvest.

What more, you gods?

The acquisition of the power of creation!
Nothing is impossible for you, and you shall
create, in unity with God, lives, worlds and universes.
In the unlimited Being is the freedom to constantly create
yourself anew limitless, since a being that has fully merged
with God always creates with divine intention and never
pursues his own ways of “selfishness”.

What else, you gods?

The return as Ascended Masters on the 4D earths.
Many of you have chosen this path because you know
the pitfalls and challenges of these worlds, and because
you love your brothers and sisters, who are still stuck in
the knowledge loop.

No matter what they have done to you, as soon as you
have arrived at the fifth dimensional level of Being,
all dramas dissolve in the divine nothingness and pure,
unchanging love flows from your heart.

What more, you gods?

Knowledge of the nature of all life and knowledge
of one’s own destination. In all clarity, every man
recognizes his place in the great cosmic game and every
man fulfills his work in the infinity of God, and this with joy
and bliss. Once a being becomes familiar with the universal
laws of all life, every action is permeated by divine inspiration
and love.

That is written for you here and proclaimed by the Guardians
of the Earth. We are waiting for you on the threshold of ascension. 
You are on the cusp to pass the last portal of ascension.
In infinite love we see you arrive.
You are expected, heaven is open to you …

We are the

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