18. Dezember 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov

It’s late in the afternoon. I step out of the door only to
find out how dark it is already. When I am ready with my
purchases in the supermarket 15 minutes later, it seems to
be as bright as day outside. The whole sky is bathed in yellow
/ white / orange colours – unreal, but true. When I arrive at
home, my beloved son NOAH tells me immediately that he
has seen an orange sky “very bright” and my wife confirms
this by saying: “As if headlights had been turned on,”
I do not know how many people experienced this so,
for us anyway it was something very special and
appropriate for this time (End of Report)

I am ASANA MAHATARI and herewith I acknowledge the fact
that a “test run” of a 5D hologram has taken place,
which was lowered like a “light bell” over your field of
This was visible to all who should see it.
But the fact is that the conscious perception
and correct assignment of this manifestation of
the sky is impossible to most people and remained
hidden and was only regarded as a caprice of heaven.

It’s that easy how your ascension will occur, this is the message!
Suddenly, you will find yourselves in a new environment, and that,
while you go about your usual activities. This is one ascension
alternative, which is going to happen and know this: There are
many ascension scenarios that can all occurs at the same time
and in parallel and will occur in this way in their vast majority.

Have faith and rejoice, it’s all taken care of.
In infinite love and pleasure I am announcing this good
news to you now, because the time for it has come,
and I bless every man -


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