11. Dezember 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov
In the middle of the greatest bustle of the people the BIG BANG
will happen. The developments to bring the ascension to the level
of its manifestation  continue. On all time- and space-lines the
conditions are created, so that the people we expect can return
to the light.

Currently, a “hologram alignment” takes place.
That is, the ascending ones receive the 5D hologram structure.
The energetic and electromagnetic alignments are in full sway
and the preconditions are in place that ascension can be completed
at the technical level. All the people who go into the light,
will now be supplied and outfitted with the special 5D energy

This means great exertions on the human bodies.
Fatigue and pain may occur, completely atypical and
new to most people who have so far been largely spared
from physical impediments.

The visual, auditory, and sensory inner channels are not
being opened. That is to say, the dreams and visions receive
a manifestation of power on an unprecedented scale. Additionally,
the following comes clearly to the fore: the ascending humans
raise from the other beings, by becoming completely insensitive
(refractory) to their attacks or their expressions of love.
This occurs at a different level and is thus “distanced ”
and perceived only from afar.

This world cannot harm you from now on.
Even before you will be actually raptured,
you will be severed from this world and your environment.
A wonderful new life feeling shall arise, since you truly are
“Untouchable”; above all, the dim light and the dark shadows
of now sinking worlds will not touch and reach you any longer.
Your energy field and your new electromagnetic structure preclude

Nothing remains as it was, all is heading towards the light
or is repelled by the light – it is the time of truth.
This is what now happens on this earth and you are receiving
now from the CENTRAL SUN the all-changing light pulses that
effect your transfiguration into the light.

Relieved, raptured, removed from this plane of existence
– without much furor, and yet so impressive that nothing in the
world will and can exceed this experience. God is the anchorage
of the people. Life will be returned to you. The Light has won.

It is announced to you, from -


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