17. Dezember 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov



The first three: The father, the mother, God.
Primary source of all Beings takes over the helm on earth.

The second three: the son, daughter, God. Emerged from the
primary source of all Being and now takes over the helm of
self-determination in the hand.

The third three: The consciousness, the spirit, the eternal,
immutable Being of an entity. This is now coming to perfection.

God, who I am, is with you
Go your ways, man, set thy steps,
man, at the end you will come to me.

Never waver, even when you are thrust
into the abyss and into the darkness – because you remain
unresponsive to my light. Stride through your valleys now,
I, your father, I, your mother am with you, even if you shape,
far away from this reality, your life as a man among men .

The first three represents the third dimension of being,
so that fundamental insights are gained.

The second three stands for the higher levels of the third
dimension of Being, in which the ability to expect salvation
is already kindled.

The third three is the realization that the omniscient divine
spirit is everywhere, where he is recognized as such and
refers to the highest levels of the third and the lowest levels
of the fourth dimension, because there some individuals awaken
and attain enlightenment.

Loved ones!

333 – the process, by which New arises and can arise,
is in progress.
333 – to overcome sorrow, create happiness,
become spirit and be a Master.

Nothing is as it seems, everything is as you have
determined it for yourselves, this is true mastery.
Immutable is only God in his invariable nature, which is:

This apparently disconnected message says as follows:
After the downfall and after ascension, it goes on.
For all, who are still human beings and for all who
transfigure to Gods. The 33 indicates your mastery,
that is sealed and renewed in the number 9. Demolition
and renewal, because you are the ones, who shall create
new worlds, this is reserved for you.

I proclaim to you: 
You, masters of the light, who today return to the light,
shall create worlds and you will create worlds.
And many of you will begin to create new levels of the third and
fourth dimensional density of Being, to give your brothers and
sisters new opportunities to acquire knowledge of the Self and
of God and to grant this experience to those entities, who for
the first time take into consideration a journey into this level.

The heirs of heaven, take their actual duties in reception and
swing themselves up to become a Logos of new creations.
Of this testimony is given here.

The Three (3 ) is the mood determining number of the
last days of the old and the first days of the new
humanity – before the Masters (33) take over their new
responsibilities in the creation (9) and according
to the will of God.



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