12. Dezember 2013


written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz


Bad news for the CO2 global warming disciples and for
all “scientists”, who knowingly or unknowingly put this
nonsense into the world, that the earth heats up,
because humans produce too much CO2. 

“Something strange is going on with our sun”
says NASA expert David Hathaway from the Marshall
Space Flight Center in Alabama and the solar expert says
further: “What is happening up there is deeply mysterious.”
The actual sun cycle is the weakest of the last one hundred
years and Hathaway and his colleagues can only draw one conclusion:
A new ice age is coming and that already in 2014!

The Russian scientist Wladimir Baschkin agrees with the
measurements from NASA and concludes that the radiation
power from our most important heavenly body declines.
This can also be seen from the reduction in solar spots.

Chabibbullo Abdussamatov from the observatory in St. Petersburg
adds, that this “negative energy balance” happens since 1990.
Which means, not surprisingly and quite clearly:
The world doomsday prophets, mainly ex-vice
president of the USA and Oscar winner Al Gore,
lied to us; cold as ice.

Why? In order to introduce a world tax,
which has been realized as a CO2 tax (Kyoto Protocol 1997).
Since then countries, which have signed the contracts,
pay an enormous amount of money. It fits quite nicely into
this tale of lies, that the largest producer of CO2, the USA,
did not sign the Kyoto protocol.

I am very curious how these bandits back peddle.
And what will the green politicians do in face of these facts?
Based on experiences so far, I expect nothing.
But it would be appropriate to do three things:
1.) To apologize to Mankind and pay back all collected climate funds.

2.) To ask all scientists, who took part in this gauntlet,
have falsified the data or have supported the hoax,
to take responsibility; to strip them of their academic
titles and forbid them to do any further work in this area.

3.) To investigate the real motives of Albert Arnold “Al” Gore,
the former US presidential candidate (2000), to put this lie
into the world (including the Hollywood movie “Inconvenient Truth”);
and expose the people behind him and the ones giving the orders.

Much of this eco thriller points to the fact, that it may be a
conspiracy of the Elite against Mankind, whereby they invented
this environmental tax in pursuit of the NEW WORLD ORDER.
With the following goal:

a.) To financially ruin all countries, which is already
done by means of bank rescues, and then
b.) Control the private energy consumption (new currency
meters) and report this to an environmental police.
Climate scientist Baschkin to his fellow scientists:
“They will all be very much surprised.”

The same for us, because the way of doing things,
how the elite, experienced in audacity, will pull themselves out
of this affair, will be a new milestone in gall and hubris.
In the winter of 2010 the German Bildzeitung had the title:
 “Scientists claim: Global warming makes winter colder!”  

That’s how it goes. The only question is, how much longer?
Because: “One can lie to all the people some of the time and
to some people all the time, but not to all the people all the time.”
Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865),
16th President of the United States of America. 

Otherwise I demand the unconditional basic
income for all individuals from 0-99. 

Jahn J Kassl

Source: Kronen Zeitung (Austria) 12/08/2013

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