29. Dezember 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz
The veils lift, the worlds of Light lower unto earth
and no rock will remain why and where it used to be.
It seems, the time of truth has come, the reality of the Light
has dawned, the epoch of Love has begun.
It seems, that illusion has lost its power over you, that
God has been recognized and Mankind is being enlightened.
And this time this appearance does not deceive you! 

I am RUMI 

New illusions are not forthcoming, because you encounter
God’s reality, new mirror images of your manifold Being do
not appear any more, because you encounter the ONE, the
Absolute, who you are, and the one Truth which you are in God.
The human Being is transformed, healed, made real, who leaves
this time and knows the space only as a level of experience,
which has no more importance. 

Beloved Ones,

All scenarios of ascension are ready for the next ascension wave,
which is happening right now, and the heavenly forces are able to
react to each, I emphasize, each eventuality.

All levels of Light work smoothly and in deep inner mutual agreement.

This applies to the inner earth and the levels of invisible realms from
the vastness of this galaxy, this universe and this infinite Creation.
The squad of light warriors and light carriers is truly awe-inspiring,
and every ascending One, I emphasize every ascending One, who will
leave this timeline at his proper time, is cared for, accompanied and
surrounded by millions of angels, light Beings and light warriors from
different realms of Creation.

Have no illusions, your power has been actuated,
you have come into your power, you have shed your
impotence and won your power, you have surrendered your
lack of knowledge and have stepped into knowledge. Never
shall you be a victim and never feel again as a victim.
Never again shall others determine your fate, never again,
will heaven be closed to your needs, your manifestation impulses
of light and your mandates.
Many times this has been necessary, because the last steps
of transformation cannot happen until a human Being has
walked through all valleys of tears and darkness all-one;
and until a human Being has tamed the demons of many
worlds, subdued them and has defeated them all-one.

After the great “epic battle”, from which the light warriors of
the first and last hours emerged victorious, the conditions for
ascension and the reality of a human Being who has returned
to God are portrayed in a new light.

1) You are given – everything, which you need
for your final transfiguration and/or transformation into the Light.

2) You are given – everything, which is listed in your blueprint.

3) You are given – the light army of Heaven, which assists you
with a corridor of light that is impenetrable for all Beings who
follow other destinies.

In these days the light holograms of the fifth dimension
lower unto this earth.
Look up to the sky, inhale the new realm of All-that-Is,
let the cosmic light circulate through your cells.
The world today is already a totally different one,
even if you still, as always, carry out your usual daily
routines in this world.
Realize the fact that the ascension is happening right now.
God calls you by your name, you, who cannot get anything
out from this world, but everything from God. 

Your longing for God has brought you home.
Your love for truth has changed you back.
Your Light has enlightened you.

We carry you now, because you are fitted with wings.
Your first flight into the Light, is imminent – and limitless
freedom will be yours.


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