13. April 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Report: I observe my beloved son NOAH as he plays 
by himself deeply preoccupied. He repairs walls, filling 
cracks, drills and screws – until he suddenly calls out in 
staccato: “All will be destroyed!” Initially it does not even 
register with me and I consider it part of his play, but he 
begins to repeat this sentence over and over again: 
“All will be destroyed!” and it just continues like that. 
I ask him, what will be “destroyed”? Thereby he: 
“The World”. I: Will everything be better after that? 
NOAH: thinks for a short while and then says nodding: 
”better!” After that this “play” ends. (End of report) 

Beloved Ones,

Yes, it will be „better“ and more beautiful, it will be richer 
and nobler, the life on the straightened earth; also for those 
who have chosen the upper 4D worlds, because there the dramas 
will be mild and almost nobody will suffer great damage.

„All will be destroyed“ refers to the fact that all old 
structures will be swept away, must be destroyed, 
in order that the new society can be built. And “destruction” 
can happen “violently”, but it does not have to. And so everything 
is still being done so that violence will be less and the threshold 
for new dramas will be high. Only those, who have chosen growth 
through tragedies under all circumstances, will receive the chalice 
of suffering and will have to drain the cup of sorrow. Only those, 
who until last have blown into the wind all requests of the Light, 
all wake-up calls from Heaven and all nightly instructions, during 
their journeys in the training levels of Being nonetheless, only 
those will be captured by a fury of destruction that until now has 
not occurred in this world and no human soul has ever seen this. 

All will be better and everything is already better.

All will be better 
The light warriors who enter into Heaven already experience 
this. Their mind is clear, their soul is polished and their hearts 
are pure vessels of Love. Today new fields of God’s grace carry 
off human Beings and it is these fields of grace that are most 
important now, because in this light everything can change and 
can change in an instant.

While human Beings increasingly lose orientation in this 
world and get out of control that shows itself in great emotional 
and mental discharges, other human Beings, due to this 
“knowing no bounds”, become divine and noble. Meaning that 
they create the range of actions in Being and Doing out of 
themselves, because truly: These creatures do not need preset 
boundaries anymore, no riverbed to flow in, no instructions 
from heaven, because Heaven itself is alive in them.

The overexposure of this world with the vibration of the 
6th and 7th dimension lifts the readily human Beings into 
gods and this Light releases human Beings, walking in deep 
darkness, from their dammed up suffering.

A comprehensive cleaning process has been aroused and 
at the end of this process is the complete release of the 
worlds wherein time and space volatize, and whereby time 
and space condense anew, according to the choice and provision 
of a human Being.

The great Death 
The great death comes in manifold forms.
For one as a loving companion into the light, with another 
as a shadow figure that guides souls into the underworlds.  
No death is forever; no death is ever permanent, 
because all is eternal. 
Yet in these days new deaths will die and new 
life will be born, entirely according to the provision 
of a Being and fully according to a free will decision. 

Today fallacy and truth are proclaimed with one voice 
and it is up to the individual to discern fallacy from truth. 
No more whispering voices from Heaven, neither Angels giving 
you direction nor God’s grace that releases you from self-determination. 
Today it is mandatory to see what is not and to discern what puts on 
a beautiful coating in what kind of garment.

Self-empowered human Being 
Self-empowered mankind, the self-empowered human 
Being is in the center of All-that-Is and in these days 
this fact regains its proverbial meaning.
You have gone to classes, you have walked through valleys 
and have climbed summits – now it is time to make the final 
choice. Because you know life, you have tasted the sweet 
nectar as well as the bitter drink; and now for the last time 
it behooves you to make a choice, if you have chosen the 
departure into the light or the descent into darkness. 

And each soul knows where the future place will be, 
each soul knows its future home, each soul knows 
where it establishes itself – is home. 

Now the great light warriors leave this level. 
The last tasks for the energy field of the upper 
4D worlds have been completed, now it goes straight 
up into Heaven of the 5th dimension of Being.

I AM THAT I AM – eternally.

Proclaim this now and you have arrived in the light and 
have been accepted by the light, because you have completed 
the greatest of all services: The service of breathing new life 
into worlds that already seemed to be lost.

Rapture begins 
Now the great cosmic light domes of the 7th dimension 
lower themselves over your matrix. Now the raptures begin, 
now transfigure what aims for it, and now will be left 
behind what defies it.

Human Beings will find worlds better and more beautiful, 
after the great destruction has occurred – with or without 
human dramas – and after SHIVA has completed the task 
in these worlds, which are being visited at this time. 

Great purification precedes any great birth – and it now 
reaches a new and ultimate peak so that the birth of the 
new world may be triggered.

Come to me 
I find myself on the bridge between worlds and I see 
as you come to me and I see as you wait. But I also see 
that many of you courageously and determinedly walk the 
last section on the path into the light. And I see that nothing 
can shake many of you in your belief to inherit the Kingdom 
of Heaven today.

You are highly praised, you are highly hallowed, 
because only the courageous and clear ones gain the 
upper hand in these times; upper hand over their lower 
instincts, which inhibit awareness and hinder enlightenment 
by all means.

These human Being are hallowed, because they prevailed 
over the ego and lifted Self onto the throne.
And I clear the path for these human Beings and 
I accompany them into the light.
Because I am with you as you take the last steps, 
you, who has the courage and determination for it, 
who has said YES to life that is eternal, even if it means 
the end of this life in transience.

Transformation completed 
The transformation of many worlds has been completed, 
now the miracles come and the wonderful events of this 
time- and space-line. The matrix of mankind that is mostly 
unconscious is now engulfed in the transformation. And only 
a small number of conscious human Beings in this matrix can 
interpret this game in its correct context.
Only these know that there is day during the night 
and that the light casts no shadows.

Better, more beautiful and nobler, as such is the new world. 
And this new world expects you. Your heavenly siblings and 
many worlds are ready to receive you.

The Triumpf 
We are psyched up to celebrate with you the arrival 
festivity, because your arrival in the realms of light 
and in God’s Light is immediately ahead.
Only to wait for the time, only to still perform the 
ultimate service of love for this world: To say good-buy 
in Love and in deep peace, so that your trace will imprint 
in the new worlds for all time.
Because before you return to these worlds in the
light garment of enlightenment, with omniscience 
and with your new assignments, you leave this world 
in order to become what you are and always have been.
In order to inhale new worlds you will now take your last 
steps of all steps and will attain triumph over dying and death.

You now step onto the first staircases into the Light, you, 
who are gods; so that you may attain perfection and create 
bliss. And love will guide you and return you to your stranded 
siblings so that you can be the way and the light, the love and 
the life for them.

The keys of Heaven are handed over to you, 
because until today – even if this remained unnoticed 
to those, who have received the greatest healings 
from it – you were mankind’s first servant.

God is omnipresent. The last days of mankind will be fitted 
with the events that are planned for it

- the scene has been created, the game begins. 

All will be destroyed, 
so that everything can be created anew. 

Trust, the transformation has reached its phase of finality.

I am that I am.
I am with you and in constant readiness,
to stand by you in these steps to reality.
Come! Because also my days are numbered until 
I complete my service on the bridge into the Light.

In infinite Love


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