12. April 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Observation: I sense human Beings without a feel for distance. 
(At this moment a woman passes by almost touching me, 
as if she would really like to sit on my lap, while I sit on a 
park bench enjoying the first rays of sunshine of spring. 
I perceive this as very uncomfortable, because she fixates 
me like a “madwoman”.) Already throughout the day I experience 
this energy and similar scenes. I clearly perceive this energy 
quality as a lack of distance of human Beings. Also in letters, 
which reach our publishing house, this “lack of distance” 
is always present. One group thinks they have to shower 
me with their unresolved advice and want to discourage 
me from writing Essays, and the other group simply has a 
flippant attitude of communication and like to dump their 
unresolved themes. The interference with the life of others 
or the dumping of their “energy garbage” is still omnipresent 
and so I ask myself: Where is this coming from and why 
does it still happen in such a manner? (End of observation)

Beloved Jahn, Beloved Ones,

The time and the discharges on this level produce these 
peculiarities. It is like the riverbed of a river has been removed 
and disappeared. Therefore this river flows “out of bounds” in 
all directions, floods here and overflows there. Due to the light 
inflow of this time human Beings can no longer control themselves 
and thereby these “peculiarities” appear.

And so the behavior also comes to light that human Beings 
would like to dim the light of others, the strength of others, 
and this even though they really search for this light. 
This seeming contradiction is based on the fact that human 
Beings do know on their inner level precisely where to 
experience safety, shelter and orientation for this time. 

As soon as such human Beings are in the vicinity of such 
light sources they begin to be afraid of the light, because
they do not want to be confronted with their still existing 
shadow, with the suppressed issues. And this fact leads 
us precisely to the issue, namely: 
1.)    Human Beings do not want to look at the darkness, 
because they do not want to encounter their own darkness, 
which means in succession 
2.)      These conditions can no longer be maintained and 
these human Beings must “explode” on the inside; that 
brings forth this peculiar behavior of “chumming up”.

Thereby mainly one error of these human Beings has to 
be emphasized, one that they do not want to be confronted 
with, namely: One cannot call things by their name, or one 
always has to point out the “good” and the “light-filled” 
as one talks about the darkness. 

The more polluted and obscure a human Soul is, 
the more it negates the pollution and the fog in this world. 

So far this is the nourishment wherefrom the dark ones haul from, 
because the more unresolved a human Being is, the easier he 
can be manipulated for the intentions of the dark ones. 

The dark can only be eliminated, if it is “dragged” 
from the shadow world out into the light.

Courage for the Truth 
And this is among other things guaranteed through the 
information work of your essays. Any false link of the dark 
with the light is unnecessary, because it is the point to reveal 
what and who hinders human Beings to come into their power, 
to ward them from love and denies them entry into the light.
And the more openly and bluntly this happens, the easier it 
is for human Beings to be able to open their eyes. It is an 
unthankful task that is mandated based on your assignments 
and reaches the human Beings who need this.  

The “lack of distance” of human Beings is a sign 
that they cannot deal with the truth and also do not 
want it, but that they seek the closeness to the truth 
in an obtrusive manner. It is a “perception and feeling 
chaos” that now has captured this level.

Anxiety fields 
I: Also fear?
SANANDA: Yes, it is the anxiety fields, 
which come through to you from the collective 
field of chaotic vibrations.  

Fear is the last island that darkness 
withdraws to as the water has already been removed. 

And this fear, the anxieties of polluted souls emerge now. 
Thereby the entire “fear energies” flow through the energy 
fields of the actual Master Souls who perform their service on 
this earth. The “lack of distance” of human Beings serves 
here as the “soul’s cry for help”, and in great love the Masters 
of this time also turn to these souls, so that they may at least 
partially awaken and may prevail in the fight with the “beast”.

The Choice
„There is war and nobody comes”, 
this winged expression gains in importance today, 
because the dark ones want to sink this world, destroy 
it and decimate the world population in order to erect their 
New World Order on the ruins of their actions.
Human Beings who still need to “work off” on this level 
now have the choice between war and peace, between the 
sign of the beast or the sign of freedom:
The “ascension code” that will be transferred at 
the moment when a human Being has taken a clear 
position and so he is ready to confront his and the world’s 

Beloved Ones,

A great and unique time begins to fulfill itself on all 
time and space levels. The last events are still ahead and 
the last touch of the anxieties of the collective presently 
happen for the Masters of this time, so that the “lack of distance” 
of human Beings is no longer necessary, because they themselves 
are light-filled and courageously realize the darkness. And that is 
exactly how to keep darkness away from them.

Keep yourselves ready and remain deeply 
anchored in God, and then everything is done.

We are with you.
I am with you.
In infinite Love


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