28. April 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

To shed tears of joy and to inherit Heaven.

Beloved Ones!

The higher the frequency of the light vibration that manifests 
itself on earth, the more far-reaching is the transformation 
and so many more levels will be reached.
Therefore do not back off as the next manifestations of transformation 
appear, as one world perishes and another one is created.
Watch as it rises out of the floods wherein it has been submerged. 

The wake-up call of Mother Earth has been called, 
the decampment to new realities begins and readily 
mankind now follows Gaia to the next higher level of Being. 

The great purifications have been completed; 
the transition to the next level, the entry phase of 
this world into the “empty time-space-continuum”, begins.

The great Angels in human form on earth have achieved 
what could be attained and have flattened the path into 
the light for all of mankind.
Now it is up to each of you individually to open the gate to 
eternal life and to walk through it – even before the twilight 
of the old and before daybreak of the new time.

Everything happens in the Now!
And while the new upheavals on the time and space level 
of the lower vibrating dimension build up, you have been 
uplifted and raptured and from a far distance you observe, 
what repeats itself in a new manner that has already been 
known to you for a long time.

Ascended to gods and having become gods, the newly 
ascended human Beings enter a new reality. The service 
in this world is now done, life has you again and the gift of 
God’s omnipresence is ready for you.

You have fought skirmishes and prevailed,
you have experienced the encounter with darkness 
and you have attained victory, and have recognized 
yourself in God’s Light and thereby have overcome yourself. 
Now everything falls off! On its own and in the knowledge, 
that it is no longer needed in the new world.

Let it happen and pause, because the great cosmic 
scene begins to reveal itself to you in all of its facets.

Light prevailed,
God is omnipresent and among you.


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