26. April 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Dream: I shoot and kill John F. Kennedy. 
After that I flee in the Presidential limousine 
of Barack Obama (The Beast). Nobody can stop me; 
the car is like an unconquerable fortress. I get out of the 
car and hide, until however somebody finally catches me. 
After I have been interrogated I am released, and the police, 
just in contrast to myself, believes in my innocence.  
(End of dream)

Beloved Ones,

This dream points to the infinite number of possibilities 
and variations of the here and now. This dream shows the 
limitlessness of the Universe, the infinity of the holograms 
and realities wherein you simultaneously express yourself. 
Solely based on your thoughts you create new worlds and so 
it is possible that in one life you are almost a Saint and in 
another one you are a murderer, in one life you are already 
dead whereas in another one you are fully alive.
This is the reality of life; the level of multidimensionality 
and a multitude of “roles” are available to you.
Thereby you can fulfill each part simultaneously, and undreamed, 
from each other independent, potentials can be recognized.
A human Being, as an unlimited divine essence, incessantly
creates expressions, “forms”, which develop based on a decision 
or the neglect of a decision. The fact that you are all at the same 
time puts much into perspective. Thereby a new understanding of
the course of the world that you are now aware of can be gained, 
and the “evil” and the “dark” can be viewed in a new and 
comprehensive manner. 

It is essential that you understand how manifold 
everything is and that nothing on this space- or time-line 
alone can be restricted or limited.

In order to maintain an “overview” in this multitude 
and in order that all human Beings which are on this level, 
remain oriented, I announce the following:
In the moment when you enter the path of enlightenment 
on any of these levels, all your expressions and multidimensional 
forms will be gradually withdrawn from the lower vibrating levels 
and will dissolve thereupon. The moment of enlightenment 
recalls all of your “copies” and dissolves them. In the moment 
of “ultimate awareness” all unconscious parts of you volatize, 
no matter where they acted independently.
This process begins as soon as a human Being has recalled 
his soul fragments to a “location”, meaning to combine them 
in one existence. From then on everything is subordinated to 
this “main essence” and serves it.

Here it is not about your “soul fragments” which long ago 
have already returned to the ascending ones, but it is exclusively 
about the permanently newly created “doubles” of your Being, 
because you constantly make new, smaller or far-reaching decisions.

These doubles also receive “soul fragments”, and as soon as 
you enter the fifth dimension of Being, all doubles withdraw 
and a new and all-knowing reality begins. From the fifth level 
of Being the multidimensionality is consciously experienced 
and consciously directed, and therefore from that moment your 
journey in Creation begins anew.

Do not let yourself be confused by this new knowledge 
but let yourself be inspired, because it is given in order to 
expand your awareness; and first and foremost know the following:
All is possible and nothing is, as it seems to you.
It is important to understand that most human Beings do not 
choose the ”Life of a Master”.

Meaning that many “doubles” are prevailing in lower 
vibrating expressions. Therefore it is important to give 
the Life of a Master that you have selected on this level, 
the utmost attention, because it happens on the main stage 
and is the center of all your existences. After all your soul 
fragments are at your disposal and you have entered the path 
of enlightenment, thence all your “doubles” begin to dissolve on 
the lower vibrating levels.

Also new “copies” of your Being will only be created for a 
short period, because it is true: The closer a human Being 
gets to his transfiguration the less number of doubles of his 
Being exist on the lower vibrating levels of Creation.

You were perpetrator and victim, light and darkness, 
and you have truly drained the chalice of experiences. 
The pictures in the dream deepen your understanding in 
order to divine the dimensions of life and in order so that 
on the Day of Judgment you may be able to accept your 
own “multidimensional history” in Love.

With this message I embed you deep in my heart, 
the home country you return to, because you have followed 
my wakeup call, and because you have unconditional trust 
in my Light.

In infinite Love for my Children of all worlds I am

Your Father, Your Mother,


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