24. April 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

The second global Light flooding of earth 
takes place and will occur in the upcoming days – in Eternity.


In the Evening, Report: Noah, my wife and I look out of 
the window and become aware of a very unnatural sky, 
an unnatural red, orange, pink shimmering light. 
Then the light in the sky changes and takes on violet. 
A surreal scene and I am immediately reminded of the 
lowering of the “Comic Light Bell laid” from last year:
toward me and says: “Jahn, we live in Heaven.”  
(End of report)

Beloved Ones,

Indeed this renewed uplifting and over exposure 
of the ascending planet reaches its peak in these days. 

Today it is important to reach the threshold for ascension. 

The “unnaturally” shimmering light is due to the fact that 
this world still deals with overlaps from differently vibrating 
worlds and therefore the light that the new world will shine 
in, cannot completely come forth during these “ascensions”. 
This creates a “filter” that irritates somewhat.
All ascending ones indeed “live in Heaven". 
No matter what comes, it is the Heaven of your 
holographic world of the fifth dimension that you have 
created and have attained, in order to remain unaffected 
by all events of the time.

This actual process of “overexposure of the earth”
and the following measurement of the ascension vibration 
are oriented toward the achievement of the threshold level 
for ascension; it lasts for the next days and will be completed 
by April 27th 2014.

Look toward Heaven, recognize the new Light and how 
it shimmers through; and even though it still seems to be 
unnatural, it is the path toward freedom that the old world 
in the final act of its salvation now walks on, because this 
Light is now the floodgate for the last steps of transformation.

In infinite Love to my humanly brothers and sisters.

I am the peace.

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