9. April 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Report: After I woke up I read in a well-channeled book
in the chapter with the title “Chips” that the spirit world 
advocates the use of chips for mankind, we should positively 
attune to it, and we should let go of our linear ideas without 
any reservations. The main argument is that these Nano 
chips prolong our life and provide us with plenty of nutrients, 
and that our life will be simplified, because the chips serve 
as a form of identification. That there may be misuse or dark 
intentions connected with it is a “conspiracy” and all in all 
these Nano-Chips in the body is a blessing for human Beings. 

By now I am wide-awake and cannot believe my eyes!
And this in a book that is by all means filled with several 
light-filled messages and has been published by a channel 
that is familiar to me and is well known.
Thereby I was reminded that yesterday I wrote in an email
to a good friend of mine that I assume that the “esoteric 
human Beings” have a much harder to awaken than human 
Beings who until now had very little relation to ascension, 
because the New-Age scene has been undermined by the 
dark forces, full of half-truths and arrogance, and neither 
conscious of it or do not want to be aware of it. (End of report)

Among you, in this time of times.
This report makes it quite clear what is really important 
in this time of times:
1.)      To remain totally within self.
2.)      To be totally oriented within self.
3.)      To totally trust self.
4.)      To apply the power of discernment whereby one 
can clearly recognize the good from evil and the dark from light.

And indeed for those who grab on to such books and 
take in everything as truth, it is very difficult to come into the Light.

The effectiveness of this method which the dark 
forces use consists therein that such “energy packets of 
darkness” are mixed in with absolutely light-filled statements. 
It is like bitter medicine that a child doesn’t want to take in, 
and therefore clever medical professionals and parents add 
sweet juice to it or adjust the drink to the prevalent taste 
of the child. 

The tragic of many “channels” is that they are quite 
capable to connect with light-filled levels of Being, yet 
they remain receptive to dark messages because of 
unresolved and unconscious programming. 

 Like addicts who always when there is an opportunity 
will grab a substance, even though for a long time could 
do without it.

At this time the levels of darkness are mostly after
„channels“ and light warriors, who in some areas of
Being already achieved “master ship”. Thereby many 
human Beings will be reached, because they still search 
for Gurus and look for answers in the outer.

Naturally this information that the chipping of mankind 
is unavoidable and is a blessing for mankind slipped out 
from the laboratories of the dark ones; and naturally this 
leads ad absurdum if you just think a moment about it. 
“To prolong life” due to Nanotechnology? Now that this 
“prolongation of life” happens through spiritual light influx 
and the building of crystalline structures, the completion of 
your DNA. This alone shows how ludicrous and wrong this 
approach is. I address this so that this insanity can be 
simply looked through. Or to formulate it differently: 
Have you ever heard of a “chipped” Master?

The great prophets over time have also announced 
this time: The time of “false prophets” and its time is now.
It is a time of wrong announcements and know: 

The revelations of great prophets have not been 
written for naught and been preserved, because 
thereby many human Beings will be saved.

Read, study and undergo further training, 
because the time has come wherein the sign 
of the beast under the cover of blessings for 
mankind spreads out. 

This knowledge applies to the upper 4D realms, 
because there each human Being must also make 
a decision for or against it. There is no as well as, 
but only either or. 

Never let yourself be fooled but decide
in your own light for yourself. 

How? By always checking every statement in your heart!
Do this long enough until you feel certain, and if this certainty 
has not happened yet, ask that this certainty may be given 
to you.

With these words I bless Mankind,
Remain alert and discern clearly.
Because God has fitted you with these abilities,

In order to apply these – for your benefit

And for the benefit of the world. In Eternity.

I am with you

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End of Time - BABAJI: