23. April 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
tranlsated by Franz
Acquisition and right Application
Healing due to God's Grace & 
Due to Self Awareness
Exercises in Awareness

What are we dealing with here and how do we apply it correctly?
You are reading a text, you face a person or you find yourself in a 
situation, which feel “peculiar”, thereby you feel uneasy, 
yet you do not know what it is, if you are subject to a mistake 
or if you are dealing with a mistake? How do we approach this? 
As soon as you feel the slightest uneasiness, take one step back.  
Meaning, put the book aside, let a “dubious” encounter pass by or 
bring to mind the situation until you are certain in all areas.

To apply the power of distinction means to immediately ensure 
clarity with the slightest uneasiness and this works the best,
if you get to the root of things and thereby not omit anything
or suppress it. The greatest frustrations on the spiritual path 
happen when human Beings trust false writings, false Gurus, 
false circumstances or wrong locations, instead of trusting in 
themselves – FULLY trusting you.
It is valid to attain the basic and prime trust in self and by doing 
exercises in the power of distinction, frustrations will diminish 
and happiness increases. 

Mistakes always happen as a result of lacking the ability 
to distinguish, and therefore it is valid to attain that quality.

Thereby the following Exercise: 
1.) Whenever you encounter an “uneasiness” that does 
not immediately reveal itself, go INDEED to the root of this 
specific situation! Do not let it go by, because it is your challenge. 
The faster you attain clarity in this situation, the freer you will get 
and the more natural you will be able to distinguish between right 
and wrong.
2.) Ask a Master and Archangels into your presence in order 
to bring light into your situation and to illumine darkness. 
It is important, that you clear up each situation INDIVIDUALLY 
and do not dismiss anything as trifling! Before you can apply 
your power of distinction “somnambulistic” it is valid to exercise 
and to attain it.

And this happens if you, as is described here, 
ruthlessly face any seemingly slight ambiguity in you. 
Now imagine such a situation. One that is still unresolved 
and preoccupy yourself with it (much longer than the time 
of the Light reading!) until you have attained 100% clarity! 


Report: Recently I read in a book that the spiritual world 
endorses the “chipping” of human Beings. Naturally it was 
immediately clear to me that this was a fatal mistake of the 
“channel” or that a dark level has been channeled. However 
this message was in the middle of a substantially well-channeled 
book. (End of Report)

The Will 
To distinguish – in this context – means, 
to be always fully alert and to always put each source 
(even myself!) under the scrutiny of truth. What is true, 
and what is deception?
This, as well as any even so subtle untruth, 
you will be able to get to the bottom of it by 
utilizing your unconditional will. 
Your will is the driving force for allso also for this. 

The power of distinction must be obtained, 
it will be attained with exercises in awareness 
and it is not put into anybody’s cradle! 
Therefore exercise, train it just like a muscle, 
because the sooner you can clearly distinguish the sooner 
you will leave this time as an enlightened one and fully 
healed; and foremost: In this time of deceptions you
remain oriented!

Please examine every person, every statement and each 
situation, which feel unclear, false, diffuse, comical, unclean, 
lacking light and love-less for you. Examine thoroughly, 
even if it takes quite a bit of time! Meditate and ask for pointers, 
the realms of Light are always there to serve you. But you have 
to make use of this service and be ready to also accept the painful, 
the unpleasant, and then in the first moment “shocking”, wanting 
to see it and thereby make proper use of the new awareness. 
Many times this requires new decisions of you, often life changing 
ones. Be INDEED ready for it, then you will very quickly recognize 
and it will be quite easy for you to clearly distinguish
- to separate the wheat from the chaff. 

God’s Light reveals itself to a human Being not until he 
persistently pursues it and asks for it from the bottom 
of his heart. 

Exercise the application of the power of distinction, 
be persistent in it.

Be ensured that knowledge is in your heart, 
all knowledge is there. You only need to dig for it 
with persistence.

In infinite Love

JJK’s Higher Self
& GOD 

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Salvation from the Cross - JESUS, JAHN: