22. April 2014



written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Denial of Nazi-Crimes 
Another mistake from the props of “light and love illusion” 
is the partial or complete denial of the Nazi-Crimes. 
Many esoteric people, human Beings, who approach their 
life and the view of things absolutely with honorable intentions, 
suppose to recognize Light Beings in Hitler, Himmler & Co, 
having been badly treated by the history books and the 
propaganda of the victorious powers. Some even consider 
“Germanness” or the German language being superior to all 
other expressions (ask a Sanskrit scholar about this!) – and 
in the expression of “Master Race” all threads of errors come 
together. This perception is quite common in the esoteric 
movement, always shimmers through and some of the 
messages from the Light that were transmitted to me, 
are interpreted that way. My brother Karl and I, 
by means of the Lichtweltverlag, are always confronted 
by such perceptions of our readers.
In my essays I urgently and repeatedly point to this mistake 
and today it is necessary to do it in this manner, 
also in this context. 

For us from the Lichtwelt team, 
and I think I can talk on behalf of each one of the closest 
companions, it is necessary to clearly name this madness, 
to point out the mistake and to clearly distance ourselves 
from any misinterpretation of the messages. 

Any connection of divinely light-filled messages, 
which are given to me, with the German National 
Socialism philosophy, for us, is absurd, totally false 
and we firmly rebuff this! 

Whoever connects these messages from the Light with 
this darkness, which the Nazi regime has brought over 
mankind, has understood nothing and I ask these human 
Beings to look inside and to dissolve old pictures, belief 
patterns or karmic connections!
But in any case you are commanded to no longer bother us, 
the Lichtweltverlag, with this!
Such letters are intolerable for us!

Who believes,  
God earmarks ascension only for an 
elite of human Beings, errs!
Who believes
there may be a race on earth that dominates 
other races, thereby enslaving every human Being, 
who does not belong to that race, errs!
Who believes, 
God prefers one of his eternal children 
over another, errs!
Who believes, 
one language being more valuable than another, errs!
Who believes, 
God’s Love is dependent on conditions, 
certain attributes or a particular behavior, errs! 
Because truly: God loves all human Beings equally.


Regarding the death of millions of people and the 
murder of human Beings, of “unworthy life”, which 
were caused by the Hitler regime in the years 1933 to 
1945, words fail me, as these facts are transfigured and as 
Hitler is presented and recognized as a victim and not as a 

Nazis in Inner Earth 
Another mischief is the theory that high-level Nazis 
or parts of the regime had defected to inner earth and 
have found a home there.
This applies only to very few, because most human Beings, 
who have served the regime, neither had the preconditions 
for it nor were they willing to change anything in their thinking 
or feeling, even after the total extent of the crimes were on 
the table.

The Hook 
The messages from the Light very often talk of
“very few human Beings” who ascend.
And this is the “hook” of this subsequent “racial madness” 
for the mistake that the ascension is only reserved for the 
“elite”. Some human Beings misunderstand this such that it 
deals here with an “elite” that Heaven prefers and already the 
great and erroneous arch has been formed all the way to eugenics.
The Lichtweltverlag has nothing to do with this, this has been 
expressed over and over again in the essays and will continue 
to do so, and we distance ourselves from this in the harshest 
of terms.
Those who misunderstand the messages, it is up to them, 
on the other hand for those who think that the messages 
serve to give evil a light-filled coating, we have to confer a 
clear refusal.

Enlightenment our Birthright 
Yes, the ascension is reserved for a few and this for 
one reason only: Because only a few have chosen it! 
And that is the real tragic for the Human Beings who 
stay behind. God’s grace ensures until last that scattered 
human Beings enter into the Light.
Enlightenment is the birthright of every human Being. 
Each human Being has access to enlightenment, as he 
is willing to step on the path toward it. This is the only 
condition. It is not a condition to have the right skin color, 
to speak the right language, to have chosen the right gender 
or any other nonsense like that.

Lichtwelt Messages 
The messages from the Light are instructions for the 
oneness of mankind and are energy carriers for the 
transfiguration of individual human Beings.
The Lichtweltverlag and especially with me my brother Karl, 
who leads the publishing side, we prompt all human Beings, 
who associate the messages from the Light with fascist or 
Nazi philosophies, to rethink their attitude or do not let us 
participate in that attitude. The Lichtweltverlag does not go
into resonance with any of the pictures, which come up in 
human Beings.

„1000 year Reich“ and the „New World Order“ 
We know that the marking of the boundaries after World War One 
was unacceptable for Germany, and that was partially the reason 
for the Second World War. Yet this fact does not justify what 
followed. We know that many forces were participating in the 
Second World War, and that the victor Nations wrote the history.
And we know that a portion of the past victorious powers behave 
today exactly like Hitler, when he called for the establishment of 
the “1000 year Reich”. Because the Anglo-Saxon conspiracy against 
all of us, is not inferior in anything compared to Hitler’s intentions, 
because the “1000 year Reich” and the “New World Order” come 
from the same think tank.

And also this is repeatedly being pointed out in my essays, 
so that human Beings may see how history repeats itself; 
what should give them knowledge and fit them with wings 
into freedom.

Yet we also know that nothing, absolutely nothing justifies 
murder and homicide, then as today, and we know that it is 
necessary to honor life on earth and not to destroy it, then as
today. Hitler had “magic access” and was leaning toward occultism 
and Nazi greats did likewise.

And this is the trap that the esoteric scene likes to fall into, 
because this fact only says that the Nazi regime was aligned 
with the dark forces, what is confirmed by their rage, in the 
millions. And today we experience this again also
– people get killed in the millions.

According to the study „Deaths In Other Nations Since WW II 
Due To US Interventions”, since the Second World War the USA 
have triggered 37 wars or conducted them themselves and are 
directly responsible for 10 to 15 million deaths during the 
Korea-Vietnam-Afghanistan and both Iraq wars.
In 2007 the study came to the conclusion that the United States 
of America most probably were responsible for the death of 20 
to 30 million human Beings, through wars (proxy wars) and 
conflicts (regime overthrows) in the whole world.
Not included are 50,000 killed civilians due to the 
“humanitarian intervention” in Libya (2011), for the 
“protection of the civilian population”!

The Obama-Lie 
Also not included are those human Beings who get 
killed on a daily basis through direct order from US President Obama.
This is done by means of silent killer drones and in most cases 
civilians are hit, mostly women and children, accepted as 
collateral damage.
These flying objects take off daily in Yemen, 
Pakistan or Afghanistan and recently also in the USA.
In a remarkable documentation by Jeremy Scahill: 
„Dirty Wars – the secret commando actions of the USA” 
 is a report about the worldwide operation of the US elite 
unit JSOC (Joint Special Operation Command, founded in 
1980 and the only military unit that reports directly to the 
President). This movie was also broadcast by the German 
“Ersten” TV station (youtube video is available) on 11/28/2013.
This unit reports directly to the President, operates since it’s 
founding far from any publicity and actually performs its murder 
business in 75 countries of the world. Thereby dozens of covert 
operations are carried out on a daily basis, and Obama’s killing 
list that gets longer by the day, is systematically worked off 
with brutal precision.
This documentation is, just like the German TV station, 
above any “conspiracy theory” and therefore the deaths 
from the JSOC commando add to the above listed total.
Do we need any further proof, how 
a.) abysmally diabolical Hitler was and how 
b.) abysmally diabolical this Anglo-Saxon system is, 
led by the actually greatest criminal and mass murderer on 
this earth, Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Hussein Obama?

I don’t think so!

And also with Obama, the “New Age Movement” has 
completely failed. A greater misjudgment than to describe 
Obama as a positive “Light Being”, whatever may still happen, 
cannot happen at this time for any person of average intelligence. 
This applies even more to so-called “Channels” and their 
channeled messages, which allege this.
I strongly urge all channeling mediums, which are so 
unclear and disoriented, to immediately stop channeling, 
in order to avert great suffering for human Beings and themselves!
Before you dare to perform such a task, that you are not capable 
of, purify yourself, liberate yourself from all dark energies in you, 
so that you become unreceptive for the dark forces, which carry 
out such a game with you. 

The “Obama-Lie” is a prime example for the decay 
and the failure of the New Age Movement and has 
been described here, in order to be recognized as such.

By their Deeds, You shall know them 
Let us come to the end!
Jesus said: “By their deeds, you shall know them”. 
This is sufficient as an orientation and who looks into 
the face of the representatives of these dark energies, 
listens to their speeches, and knows immediately what 
to do – so he really wants to. (there are many youtube 
videos available from yesterday and today)
Get a clear picture yourself, as you may stagger and 
be courageous to look at the truth. Attain clarity about 
this important aspect so that you may recognize, 
due to the power of your discernment, what is. 

God is in all human Beings and who has contempt 
for one single life, has contempt for God; who puts 
himself above a single life puts himself above God; 
who kills a single life, kills God in himself. 

Know: The ascension is given to all human Beings, 
yet few will inherit it, because they wish to continue 
to mature, grow and become, in time and space. 

This conclusion has to be done – nothing more, nothing less. 
Stay away from all low vibrating forms of expression, yet remain 
in the inner knowing, that humanity is one, that life is one, that 
God is in all and is one with all, that nothing exists without the 
other and that black, yellow, white, red human Beings breath, 
what and also how you breathe – oxygen through your lungs. 

Who puts himself even over a single human 
Being puts himself above God! 

Naturally that does not mean, that you should be 
taken in by those human Beings, who have chosen 
the dark experiences, or back off from casting them
into the wind. Distance yourself from evil, yet be always 
conscious that also the evil will turn to the light at some point.

If evil challenges you, defend yourself,
stand up like a true light warrior – fearlessly and decisively!

You yourself should sow peace instead of war, 
and only bring the light sword there where you 
affect healing and create peace, due to your divine knowledge. 

For a divine Being arbitrariness is prohibited and forbidden.

Each claim of individual power however is demanded and 
asked for, for a divine Being. 

And also here it is called for to specifically 
utilize your power of discernment. Remember:  

The uniqueness and the abundance of humanity 
are the result of the diversity of human Beings. 

The unification of humanity is the wrong and dark approach. 
It is true to love the diversity on this planet and thereby 
forges the oneness of mankind. We all originate from one 
Creator and come from one Source. Some are very conscious 
of it, others rarely.

Find Orientation
Beloved Ones,
The heavenly hierarchies do not know “elites”.
The hierarchies of Light are defined due to their 
specific assignments in Creation and not in order 
to have power over other Beings.

The almightiness of enlightened ones is always utilized 
for the benefit of all, there are no creations, which oppose 
this principle; there is no end in itself, because all is oriented 
toward the All.

What the light-filled levels of Creation know are assignments 
and areas of action of individual Masters and societies, which 
in love are connected with all life. If love is absent everything 
is missing. And the Light Beings lack nothing and they possess 
everything, foremost Love. Mistakes are there to be overcome!
And this writing serves solely so that for all human Beings, 
if they so choose, this may be possible.

Overcome your reservations!
Sort the wheat from the chaff.

Disassociate yourself if you encounter out of bounds forces.
Yet always know, your present insight is the insight of 
your brother, of your sister of tomorrow.

In Love
Jahn J Kassl 

The light world publishing and the author do not lead any 
correspondence whatsoever on the texts / messages
published on this website. 

See what is – JAHN J KASSL: