8. April 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Beloved Ones,
I am that – I am your Father, I am your Mother,
I am Life, I am the Love, I am the Light,
I am Kindness, I am Infinity, 

I lower my Light unto mankind,
I imbue life that has created itself and that I have 
created with my Grace, I raise worlds; I exhale worlds 
and inhale them back to the Source.
Neither Beginning nor End, I am the unlimited 
reality of all life: GOD 

In these days this level of creation encounters the 
fundamental touch by the light of the 6th dimension 
and the effects are truly divine nature. 

From now on the path into the Light will be easy for 
all ascending ones and will be an exalted event that 
searches its equal.

The “overexposure” of the upper 4D and 5D worlds happens 
in these days by means of the vibration of the 6th dimension 
and thereby human Beings receive special assignments. 
Initially this vibration takes hold in your hearts, whereupon
it can anchor itself in the energy field of the planet. The 
first great light warriors have already experienced this 
vibration and now additional human children reach this 
totally unknown vibrational quality of Being.

As soon as the anchoring of the 6D vibration is completed, 
all individual transformation processes begin again to 
accelerate and in this time many human Beings will 
obtain the “awareness of ultimate things” and many 
human Beings will be removed from this earth.

These new vibrational levels do not signify the end of 
your journey but the beginning of your journey back to 
the Source, back to the fountainhead of all Being that I am.
Following it the ascending world will be enriched with the 
vibration of the 7th dimension and as soon as that vibration 
is anchored, the events on the sluggish reel of the upper 
4D worlds will unwind. And in these days it is to be said: 

The higher the manifested vibration in a human heart, 
the farther away will be the dramas of the lower worlds 
from this being. 

And so it becomes necessary, to move the ascending 
human Beings an adequate distance away from the 
discharges of the transforming 4D world.
This happens as a result of the increase in vibration 
and therefore this gift is now being given to you.

In particular the human body is now being purified and 
revitalized. Your earthly vessels are rejuvenated and 
they regain their youth. 

Each human Being who has removed his blockages 
or is unconditionally ready for it, will now receive the 
great gift of an absolutely intact body. 

Old stuff dissolves from human cells; the cellular 
memory will be liberated from all ”impurities”, and 
will be oriented toward its crystalline nature. After 
that the cells will be exposed to the vibration of the 
6th and 7th dimension and will be fundamentally oriented 
toward the vibration of the 8th to the 13th dimension.

All is given to you! For all, who are ready,
the most beautiful time of the ascension 
begins now,and as it already has been announced to you, 
the lightness of being is the basic condition wherein now such 
a human Being acts and vibrates.

The ascension of mankind continues and enters the 
decisive and ultimate phase; with new possibilities and 
under new requirements, because what the light warriors
of the first and last hours have achieved for mankind is a 
gift of grace: It is the uprising of the world, under the banner 
of the Light and the return of mankind into the care of almighty 
God that I am.


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All is GodTHE ELOHIM: