14. April 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

My Children,
Gods from the Light and Gods of the Light!
Everything fulfills itself in these days, everything 
reaches conclusion in this time, and all is now given to you
– through me, who I am GOD.

Illusions are eliminated, the dense veils of deception 
lift and God reveals himself to you – God who I am.
The long wait, mankind’s wait for salvation, has an end, 
because those who have worked their fields now bring in 
plenty of harvest!

I am Life, I am Love, 
and I am Truth and Being. 
And you are equal to me!

Any other truth and any lesser statement or lesser perception 
of this truth is false and unworthy of an awakened one. 
So come to me, now, as I command you to enter. Come and be, 
and remain in my Kingdom that I prepare for you now.

Truth and Reality 
Thence what is truth?
What is the truth that I am?
Are there many truths? 

What God has breathed into Reality, is the Truth. 

Everything that has distanced itself from the Source 
through beings or forms of expression, and has been breathed 
into reality, is part of the whole, a reality, yet not the 
ALL-ONE-TRUTH that I am. 

The divine Truth is pure Love, pure Light of the 
Prime Source of all Being. 

All forms of life, which have built themselves on many 
lower vibrating levels, are part of the whole, a reality that 
can be perceived as truth, yet is not the truth that I speak 
to you of.
Here it is necessary to discern and to go to the root of
the question: Is everything that is real also true? 
Have the courage to follow this trace in order to recognize 
that there is only one, eternal, immutable truth in God. 
And this truth is absent on many levels, which were created.
Truth is “relative” it is said?
I say to you that the truth is absolute and there is only one 
single truth of all and your life, the truth that you are Gods, 
Light and Love in Eternity.

All other forms of expression being manifested on 
many of your journeys through time and space, are 
further away from universal truth as you live further away 
from the Source. Truth cannot be relativized, truth is what it is: 
Truth and absolute. Why is the understanding of truth so important?
Search for this one truth within yourself without compromise!
Any relativization of the truth whereby you say, 
“this is my truth” or “this is their truth”, let you stagger 
in your attention toward the Source of all Being, because 
who timbers in his own truth prolongs ignorance and remains 

Search and aim for this one truth that I am and do not let 
you be dissuaded by being satisfied with partial findings. 
It is an important step that a human Being can take on his 
way back home, as he recognizes that indeed there is only this one, 
eternal, permanent and immutable truth – in me who I am God.
Take up this trace in your meditations and release yourself 
from the false belief that there are many truths. Because it is true:  

There are many realities and not 
everything that is real, is also true. 

And now we want to turn our attention to this reality 
wherein you create your experiences presently.
You are Gods and you are also that, even if you are not 
conscious of it. Meaning that you, each one of you, 
constantly create new levels of Being. Each one of your decisions 
or your “non-decisions” has an effect and become visible on 
different levels. You are truly many, simultaneously live many 
lives and even if you are mostly unaware of this fact, you are indeed multidimensional.

New 4D-Worlds and MPR 
And so new worlds are constantly being created in these 
days, 4D levels upon which several events can be discharged 
and must discharge. Energy flows and manifests itself and 
energy is everything. Every thought, each, even the most 
unconscious, impulse of a Being is energy and attains 
form and expression – always.

To understand this is of utmost importance in order to 
understand this transformation. Meaning that this transformation 
continues until the day when the final upheavals have also 
reached your level.
Until then new worlds are being born and worlds perish 
and everything, due to your power of manifestation, 
has an effect even though you are not always conscious of it.
This means for the final time of the ascension:
All who enter into the Light ensure that the dark energies 
will be distributed in different holograms on the permanently 
newly created high 4D levels. Meaning that thereby certain 
discharges on a specific level must not be forthcoming or they 
will be weakened.  

Meaning that this transformation therefore also 
requires much patience from you, because you contribute 
to keep the dramas on certain levels less severe. 
Indeed events happen as follows:

1.) New worlds are being born – undeviatingly.
2.) Decisions have been made.
3.) Mankind on all newly created highly vibrating 
4D-holograms wait for the magnetic pole reversal.
This event will conclude time and seals the ascension. 
The waiting comes to an end with the event of the MPR 
and this end is very close. What do you have to do until then?

1.) Live, love and wake up.
2.) Recognize the one truth that I am.
3.) Recognize your truth in me.
Thereby it is necessary to overcome two hindrances:
a.) Lethargy and
b.) Lack of courage.

I say to you: Those who seek me unfailingly will find me, 
and those who devote totally to me, will find me already today.

Purify daily 
Beloved Children,
Expect the day when the Heaven opens to you, 
because this day is close. Until then remain centered in self, 
remain anchored in me who I am God, and know: Today the 
impossible is possible because we have reached an extremely 
“fluid” level of Light. This causes that your manifestation 
impulses become very efficient.

Purify your thoughts, and purify your feelings.
Do this daily!
Purify yourself from infringements of any kind.
Do this daily!

This time requires your total effort.
Be truthful, and then life will encounter you truthfully. 
The truth of all life is: All-that-Is is God and all that you 
are is Life that is awarded to you by God.
Go on, do not stop, your arrival in the Light is ahead.
I carry you, as you get tired, I hold you, as you may fall, 
I lift you on the day of freedom liberating you from your 
last shackles. 

I am the Way, the Truth and Life.
Who knows this knows Self. 

Come to me, I love you infinitely


This is the message of the light reading on 
Marc 28st, 2014 in Vienna.
The light world publishing and the author do not lead any 
correspondence whatsoever on the texts / messages 
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