15. April 2014


written and channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Introductory Words from JJK 
Honored Readers, 

Since the Council of Nicaea (325)
And the Council of Constantinople (381)
Human Beings are being told the made up story that 
Jesus died on the cross. Since then, year after year, 
the same lie, year after year the one cross and year 
after year millions of human Beings take up this cross 
in order to do as their Lords do, according to the church
history canon, the guideline of the whole Christian church. 
And already Medici-Pope Leo X (1475-1513) knew:  
“How much the fable of Christ has helped us and ours, 
is well known.” 

And an essential part of this “fable” is also the 
representation of Judas as a traitor, who judged himself. 
Here also it is necessary to serve the truth so that human 
Beings no longer swallow the bait of the construct of lies 
by the church.

Judas, who knew best how to interpret the coming 
and the actions of Jesus his Master, was superior to 
all disciples in education, mental perceptivity and spiritual
And therefore it was no surprise that Jesus 
had asked him to prepare his temporary arrest.

Since then the name of Judas and Judas himself, 
due to Roman Catholic historical scriptures, is connected 
with betrayal, insidiousness, fraud and trickiness.
It is necessary to confront this false depiction. 
Because the burden that in sequence has been put 
on Judas was also put on human Beings; Suddenly the
“Jews” and the human collective – equal to a second original 
sin –were in the guilt of a crime that could never be righted, 
the crime of the crucifixion, that never happened, as 
Jesus murderers”. Thereby fears were stoked, animosities 
were kept alive for centuries and the separation instead of 
unity of mankind was cultivated.

The Church of Rome, built on the ruins of the Roman Empire, 
always had an uncanny instinct to present lies in such a way 
and to spread them as truth until they became common lore 
and were accepted as truth.

The New Testament is, except for a few correctly 
reported spiritual lessons of Master Jesus, full of such 
twists, half-truths and falsities or outright lies.

And a Master lie of the Bible is the stigmatization 
of Judas, to whom a few silver coins were supposedly 
worth more than the life of his beloved Master Jesus. 

This prepublication from the book „The Jesus Biography, 
Part II“ puts matters right and brings the facts out into the open.

The victors always write the history and for the self-proclaimed 
“Church of Christ” every “fable” sounded reasonable in order to 
secure their power. Not only that the crucifixion of its “Redeemer” 
was invented, this organization since their beginning also utilize 
cleverly and ruthlessly all lies, which serve them and they shy 
away from the light of truth like the proverbial devil from holy 

Today the time of the Light has come and the time 
of the Truth has arrived a long time ago – also for the 
established and in self-glorification wallowing 
Church of the Poor” (Pope Francis I).

I wish all readers, who have not been familiar with this 
truth, much insight and blessings while reading this 
message from Jesus Christ, that puts the life of Judas 
into the light of truth – because: 

„It is time to lift this guilt from the shoulders of Judas!” 

In Love
Jahn  J Kassl  

From the book:
„Die Jesus Biografie Part II"

The Betrayal of Judas

“Only when human Beings recognize 
that they are free of guilt and without sin, 
will they find peace.”

This is the single most important factor! 
Thereby the darkness will escape from the 
hearts of human Beings. Thereby you enter into the Light.

Be welcome, you Beloveds of Heaven. The Father of all Life, 
the Mother of Creation, is with you, from the beginning of time, 
and exactly as now. And I am one with the Father, 
and I am in the Love that you are also in, each one of you.

We are different yet not separated from each other, 
because Love unifies us.

Exaltedly and conjunctively it lifts up our community, 
the community of light siblings from the Kingdom of God. 
We have been and are being sent in order to bring HIS 
Kingdom to earth, and this Kingdom develops in front of you. 
The new earth growths in front of your eyes, because truly:

This time has come, and this time is NOW!

I bless you who now draw from these lines. 
You who is ready for this knowledge, given first-hand.

I am Jesus Christ, who is always among you and who
carried the Light of the Creator into the hearts of human 
Beings through his life on earth. Today I give you insights 
about the events, which are in direct connection to a human 
Being who by mistake has been labeled a “scapegoat” and a 
“traitor”, and thereby received a very sad notoriety: 
Judas Ishariot.

A human Being who understood more than many who 
were close to me. A person who very quickly and way 
before the others, recognized who I was. Yes, Judas has 
been given all the capacities in order to see, to recognize 
and to understand the divinity in every human Being.

Yet what really happened then? What happened at that 
time in those days, which were inscribed so strongly into 
the history books of mankind?

Weeks before my arrest, at a time when I recognized 
what was ahead of me, I took Judas to the side and asked 
him to keep the priests of the temple informed about the 
locations of our gatherings. It was preordained that my arrest 
would be low-key and as much as possible should not create a 
lot of stir. I was desperate to avoid any new unrest, and the
search by Roman soldiers certainly would not go unnoticed in 
the population. So I instructed Judas, who was the only one 
among my companions to have free access to the temple, 
to deliver this information to the priests.

Judas was familiar with the temple, and he was known 
to many of the priests and even to the High Priest, 
because he finished the study of the scriptures there. 
This was reserved for just a few, yet Judas was one of 
those, who received this education. His knowledge of the 
scriptures therefore was impressive, and many times he 
was able to outline the scripture, interpret it and also create 
the connection with my life. Early on he recognized that 
God’s word fulfills itself, and this right in front of his eyes.

His trust and his affection towards me were unique, 
and quite often the disciples were baffled and even 
jealous how quickly he understood what was expressed 
in my messages.

I asked him to use every opportunity to keep 
the Sanhedrin* informed about my whereabouts.
(* Sanhedrin: The highest judicial court of the Jews, 
that had the right to accuse, judge and punish according 
to Jewish Law, sanctioned by the Romans. Remark of the Author) 

As was said before, it was very easy for the Roman soldiers to 
find me that evening, in the garden that served as a sanctuary 
in order to recover from the events of the day.

In the hours after my arrest, the desperation of the disciples 
caused blaming Judas for everything. Naturally some of them 
knew that I had instructed Judas, but the appearance of the 
soldiers was just too much for some of them.

Judas was completely composed, because he was 
the only one to know, that I permitted it like that, 
and he did a great service so that the events could 
fulfill themselves.

He spent the following days in the temple of the city. 
Therefore he was always informed about what happened, 
and very soon it was obvious that Pilatus had released me. 
Judas was told about this, and finally it got about in the 
temple that not I, but a “lookalike” suffered the death on the cross.

After about two days, when Judas had the certainty that 
I was alive and I initially went into seclusion, he left the 
walls of the temple in order to bring himself to safety, 
because the anger of the Priests began to boil over as 
they heard about the “failed” crucifixion.

Miriam who was the first one to ensure herself of my integrity, 
sent out messengers in order to inform the disciples; and 
gradually the anger and the misunderstanding faded away 
about the assignment that Judas had received.

“Do not worry!”

This expression that I used frequently,
had a special significance in those days.

Gradually the worry disappeared, and while I, 
secluded in Qumran, communed with my Father 
in Heaven, my brothers and sisters waited for my return.

……and their hearts were filled with joy 
as this fulfilled itself 40 days later.

For Judas it was clear, that I spent my time there, 
after all it was the place that offered everything in order 
to regain one’s strength in silence. He followed me, and 
after his family in Karioth* had been informed about the events, 
he finally arrived at the salt sea on the 12th day after the 
events in Jerusalem.
(* Karioth: The city where Judas was born lies in the 
south of Palestine. Translated from Hebrew: ish-karioth, 
the city where Judas was born. Remark from the Author) 

Many reports bear witness that he hanged himself, 
and in some places one claims that he was stoned by the 
disciples. But it was not like that, these stories are entirely 
fictitious, freely constructed and untrue! It did not happen 
this way, did not take place or play out that way!

It is time to lift the guilt from Judas’s shoulders!

It is necessary to direct the Light toward the actual 
events so that the darkness yields from your hearts.

But the told and the recorded story in the books about 
the life of Judas have not come to you in this form without
intention. So that you feel guilty and laden, weak and anxious,
so that you remain in “sin” and so that you are available as 
compliant lambs for the newly formed churches.

Originating from the fallacy of the “original sin” to this
“betrayal” the arch stretches so that the new institutions 
could establish themselves. Guilt was created in order to 
declare all of mankind as sinners, and in particular collectively 
stamp a Nation, the Nation of the Jews, as criminals, 
in order for the dark forces to live out their power over 
human Beings without hindrance.

Be assured that neither the “original sin” 
nor the “sacrificial lamb of Jesus” 
correspond to the truth! 
These are perfidious inventions of those, who oppress 
the earth for centuries, and who have kept you from your 
divine nature. So that you, and so the circle closes, 
lead a miserable existence on earth, compliant, anxious, 
guilt-laden and without self-worth.

Today the truth is announced because the time for this 
knowledge has been reached. The Light brings everything 
out into the open, and you will be in awe of what else 
will still come.

These transmissions serve your liberation. 
Thereby you can liberate yourself from guilt feelings 
and guilt creating patterns and experience yourself 
liberated from sin and without guilt. A very healing 
“shock” when you understand what spectacle has been 
offered to you until now.

I have not come to release human Beings from their sins; 
instead I have come to bring Love!
I have not come to free you from guilt, instead 
I have come to remind you of your innocent 
condition of Being, that you are.

Yet also those, who have put these loads on 
the shoulders of human Beings, shall attain liberation.

The time of God’s Grace has begun, and every human Being, 
without exception every human consciousness, can separate 
themselves from these doings today.

So I direct my word to you, who are leading the great 
churches. The churches of which you say they were
built by me. To you, my Beloveds, I direct this message:

End this undeserving game of power!
Declare yourself to the world and catch up on what 
you have omitted so far!
Tell human Beings who they are!

Let go of stirring fears, whereby you pay homage 
from your altars to guilt and sin!
Fill yourself with Light and Love and declare 
yourself to the world.

Get up to your pulpit and raise your voice!

Start speaking and liberate human Beings from 
guilt that you have put on them!

Do it, or they will do it themselves!

But it will happen, because it already happens. 
Human Beings regain their knowledge and thereby 
all guilt is released.

But you, who have held on to and fostered this 
condition of suffering, therefore the responsible ones:

End the path in darkness and walk on the path to Light!

You can significantly support this process, mankind’s 
return to the Light, whereby you separate yourself from 
the lies and the false pictures of my life on earth. 
Because the burdens that you subject others to, 
you will have to carry yourself – and much more!

Think it over, you Beloveds, because time presses!

…..but Judas remained in Qumram, and in the days 
of our common stay in this seclusion his life revealed 
itself and he became fully conscious of his assignments.

While I returned, in order to prepare my brothers and 
sisters for my upcoming departure, Judas remained at 
that location. The Essene community became his new 
“home” and so his life fulfilled itself in the light.

In the year 66, when the Romans toppled the walls of 
Qumram, Judas looked back to a fulfilled and blessed life, 
and in those days he returned fully into the Oneness, into 
God’s loving presence.

I am Jesus Christ, the guardian of your days, 
and truly I say to you:
Light will prevail, and my Love will heal all wounds, 
because you are innocent and free of sin!

In Eternity, Amen.


The ebook „The Jesus Biography II“ is in preparation 
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Publication forthcoming: 
Maria Magdalena

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