27. April 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
transalted by Franz 

Report: Since a few hours ago I experience the earth like 
an “uninhabited planet”. Forlorn, even though I am among 
human Beings. I am aware of a peculiar stillness, a silence, 
just like after a disaster and thereby the level whereon this 
is happening, withdraws from me. (End of report)

Beloved Ones,

Those of you who take the last steps in union with 
God toward perfection, those of you who together with me 
unveil your true essence of your Being, those of you who have 
now chosen the path without a return and have walked on it 
with all your strength.
This report bears witness of a world that creates 
itself anew at this moment in the time and space continuum.
The reason for it is that actual discharges in this world search 
for a way into freedom and into the Light in order that these 
will not cause definitive damage. The geopolitical situation in 
this world that has been prepared for ascension is presently 
extremely “strained” and therefore this new world has been 
created so that certain events receive a location where these 
can and also will happen.
You shall not take on any damage, because these days are 
full of drama, which shall not leave behind any traces or injuries.

Still another secret hides behind this awareness:
The “empty planet” is a “time-interspace” that develops, 
as this world will be freed from all sluggish 4D worlds.
For the ascending ones the liberation of this still dense 
level and the removal of human Beings, who have stayed away 
from my Light, happens at first by becoming aware of an 
“empty planet”.
This emptiness, before the light takes full possession of you, 
is part of the transfer into the Light and this awareness is, 
measured according to time-space standards, of a very short 
duration. This “impersonal emptiness” has been created for the 
reorientation of the ascending ones.

On this level all remaining patterns will be erased from 
time-space before the actual ascension and the uprising of 
the world will start in sequence.
This “double emptiness” teach you to fully let in all upcoming 
events of the ascension and to continue to internalize your 
trust in God. Always remain, however the dramas in this 
world may continue to build up, in the assuredness that I 
who I am God know all the needs and decisions of all my 
beloved human children and this will lead to the situation 
that each of you will experience your perfection in the manner 
that you have chosen for yourself.

Incessantly new levels are created so that every potential 
can unfold, and at all times human Beings rise into the 
Light and arrive in Heaven via the level of “time-interspace”.

I carry you if you get tired, I hold you as you may stumble, 
I lift you on judgment day – in me you find your home and 
through me you enter your home country that has been 
prepared for you.

Purifications and healings happen now,
Because the end of the world is near.

You are infinitely loved.
You have been created out of the Light
And out of Love,
That I am -


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