16. April 2014


written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Time Quality Essay

Honored Readers,
Human Beings in God’s hand, wherein we all are!

It is time to ruthlessly call a spade a spade, 
it is time to reveal what is, what is ahead for mankind 
that has neither chosen ascension nor has turned toward 
the Light, unless it instantly thinks of the better way. 
It is time to clearly reject the illusion that the horror in 
this world would disappear solely through “positive thinking”. 
And it is time to inform you, the inclined readers, so that 
you may “readjust” in yourself where necessary or so that 
you may distribute this knowledge where it is obvious and
as it is appropriate for you.

This world stands on the edge of the abyss, 
and I mean this word-for-word: ON THE EDGE OF THE ABYSS.

Therefore it is extremely urgent to reveal what is, 
in order to sensitize human Beings and to create in you 
a consciousness for the actual events in this world.
Until you have the courage to look fearlessly at what 
the unconscious wants to suppress.

Today who is willing to look at the confusions and the 
aberrations of mankind, who is willing to call a spade a 
spade, who stands up, who cries out, who protests? 
And even though there are more and more, 
there are still only a few.

My Assignments 
In my capacity as “God’s scribe”, as a “channel for the 
light realms of Being” I have been allowed to transmit 
messages from Heaven for human Beings for almost a decade. 
And this fills me with immense joy, is fulfillment and grace at 
the same time. So I look back to every one of these days with 
gratitude, and in humbleness I look at what is ahead of me.

It is still the first, sacred and myself fulfilling duty to pass 
on to you messages from the Light, the energies and the Light 
from high and the highest levels of Creation of Being. 
And based on these messages from Heaven we know that 
there are many worlds on different levels and we received 
knowledge of the holographic worldview of all of Creation.
Sometimes our human capacity of comprehension was overburdened 
and only based on our readiness to let the unlimited divine 
consciousness expand within ourselves were we able to come 
closer to this reality.

Today we therefore understand that certain “discharges” 
and “dramas” constitute in a different manner on every level 
of the space-time-continuum, because the holographic 
understanding of Creation means that every thinkable 
possibility also exists.
For those human Beings who have chosen ascension 
from deep within their heart, the actual geopolitical conflicts 
in this world possibly mean little, because they see these as 
an illusion that they no longer belong to. And to see it this way, 
to experience it that way is even more than their proper right, 
it is the duty of a human Being, as it has fulfilled its assignments 
in the sluggish mass and has oriented itself toward the higher 
vibrating Light, and the new earth.

Therefore today it is of utmost importance to know 
your place in the game and to know your individual assignments.

This naturally applies – and foremost – to myself!

1.) Based on my assignments, until last I have to give 
orientation to those human Beings, who are stuck in this world 
of dramas, and give them a hold by means of the gifts from Heaven.
A critical part of mankind’s liberation is:
2.) The ruthless revelation of the status quo on this sluggish level. 
The denial of circumstances prolongs the liberation, because an 
awakening always means to be oriented in all matters and does 
not mean to deny what is unbearable.

Life concerns us 
And we are denying the fact that we are facing 
World War 3 on this level of Being, one of the 4D earths!
To say that this doesn’t concern me is a mistake that could
not be any bigger, because as long as we are here, 
the here and now is to be concerned about! 

Meaning that all those human Beings who in well-meaning 
letters or in invisible energy packets, which I naturally perceive, 
want to guide me to increasingly emphasize the “good” and the 
“light-filled” in my essays, I would like to ram home: 
The dark can only be overcome if it is called as such 
and is recognized as such! And most human Beings still 
back away from it! 

To deny the crimes is to increase them, 
to beautify the evil is to strengthen it, 
to drown the deadly manipulations of human 
Beings (of body, mind and spirit) in the 
“light and love illusion” ensures the dark elites 
their existence and strengthens their power over us. 

And exactly that has happened, because human 
Beings did not want to see and they preferred to give 
in to the blurry promises of the “New-Age scene” 
and still do so en mass. For me this fact means the following:

To continue to clearly and unmistakably call out the events 
of this time, because until the end it is necessary to shake
to wake sleeping human Beings of this level of creation. 
The fact about my ascension is only secondary, because 
what do I care about it, if I go into the light tomorrow, 
if today I am being confronted with the darkness in this world.

Meaning: To show mankind a way to freedom, 
to open a door to the light and to offer a platform 
whereon they can make a free and uninfluenced choice.

Therefore it is my task to reveal the conditions of this
time in all distinctness, in a far-reaching context and 
to name them in their terribleness without belittling them. 

How shall the beautiful be born if it is overshadowed 
by the ugliness that nobody wants to touch?

New-Age Fallacy 
The “New-Age movement” or the “esoteric scene” 
has failed. The task of lifting human Beings into the light, 
something the “prophets of this time” could only rarely do 
justice to (with a few exceptions), because they did not 
recognize the evil as such and flatly denied it.
The evil was able to expand based on this ignorance, 
because it hardly ever encountered resistance. 
And so today we face these upheavals and see ourselves 
in the suction of geopolitical developments, and we 
believed that they were overcome a long time ago.

Rarely did we talk so much about peace and yet we 
think so intensely about war or carry it out. The US 
military armada is stationed in 155 countries of this 
world! And the reversal of events has already happened, 
because warmongers call themselves peace bringers 
and democracy means dictatorship.
And the overwhelming number of light beings rarely 
takes notice of this and it becomes quite apparent that 
they prefer the “light and love illusion”, rather than a 
genuine look at what is.

Because a human Being who doesn’t have the courage 
to look at his own unresolved inner horrors, can never 
muster the courage to look at the horrors of this world.

And so the whole world is embraced in order to complete 
the self-deception – only to evade the encounter with 
oneself, with one’s own shadow.

„Brotherly Love“ the Catchword 
Brotherly love serves as a catchword so that it encourages 
one’s own blindness and suppression, because who truly loves 
his neighbor, commands a barrier as the “neighbor” thrashes 
around in hate.

And in order to stem means to stand up decidedly, 
means to be uncomfortable, the opposite of “loving”. 
It means to accept one’s own anger, fury and hate, 
so that they may be transformed and not deny, 
in order to maintain the picture of a seemingly safe 
and sound world, yet not healed within oneself. 

Unresolved and unaccepted hate misguide human 
Beings to put on a nimbus without really being safe 
and sound. 

Beloved Ones, brothers and sisters in God! 

It is the duty of all light warriors to contribute 
for the benefit of Life, wherever God has put us. 

Recently I read in a channeled book, that the spirit 
world welcomes the chipping of mankind (RFID, Nanochip). 
It could not have been more clearly shown to me, how much 
the infiltration of light workers has progressed. To read this, 
was a shock at the first moment – even for myself.

Channels and Beings, who make themselves available 
for such information, do not know what they are doing, 
but what they do, they do thoroughly, namely:
they negate the maliciousness and the dark intentions 
of the presently ruling Elites on this level of Being and 
thereby become the suitable field for the dark ones to
infiltrate their intentions.
Today we have to face this fact, and we must recognize 
that besides most of the established churches, also the 
“new prophets of this time” have swallowed the bait of 
the dark prince and bear false witness to the light.

Our Assignments 
Today it is my task, and the task of all those, 
who are associated with the Lichtwelt project in Love, 
with strength and support, to bring forth the “good” 
and the “beautiful” and to establish it in this and other 
worlds. Meaning: To call out everything that is in its way!
In order to let light come into the room, one must open 
the curtains, touch them and displace them.
The New-Age movement generally shies away from 
exactly this.

“All is good”,
while half of the world is in a sorry 
state and in agony.
“All is light”,
when every single day the darkness and the 
maliciousness are put in front of our eyes.
“All is love”,
and the absence of love is hidden, 
just like elephants could fly.

This blindness has lifted the dark Orion forces on 
earth into a near absolute power position. 
And if this comes to an end, as we know and as the 
light realms have announced it to us, it is always up 
to us, to also bring it to an end.

With regard to the different reactions from my readers
concerning my activity as the writer of essays, 
I summarize this writing for all human Beings as follows:

1.) My assignments are clearly defined:
a.) To pass on light messages of Being to mankind.
b.) To call out undesirable developments and        
mistakes as long it is given to me.
2.) To leave behind the Light of the Messages 
for mankind that continues to be imprisoned in the illusion.
3.) To ascend at my time.

Honored Readers!

Wake up 
Name what is, look at it! 

The good seed can only rise in a healthy and 
well-fertilized ground. And so it is necessary to 
pull out the weeds, until they are fully gone; 
and it is called for to dispel the thieves of the harvest, 
those who eat from our fruits of awareness, because 
they shy away from working on themselves, like a farmer 
who neglects his field. 

Be whole and complete.
Do what God has assigned to you –
unconditionally, without compromise and completely.

Ask for the knowledge of your actual assignments!
It is High Noon for it.

In Love
Jahn J Kassl 

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